Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey Folks, Long Time No Post

Been a while since I posted. Between the weather and lack of new business, I really haven't done all that much. God, I hate this crummy rain. Started a new website, based on Route 100 in Vermont, or VTRoute100.com. Route 100 runs north south, east of the Green Mountains. Almost all the ski areas in Vermont are off of or near Route 100. But so far no customers, it's tough in Vermont, like Lake Placid. Please, let it snow for once!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween is Coming

and I am going to dress up as an itinerant webmaster. Actually, I once won a Halloween costume contest in a bar in Troy. I was going turkey hunting the next day in Cherry Valley, so I wore my complete camo outfit.

Basically, I've been hovering around the Capital District. Last Friday I went up to Johnstown and re-visited my old campsite in Benson, NW of Northville. But the rain and sleet drove me out.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Snow Already

It's snowed up here tonight in Tupper, here's the proof:

Let's hope this keeps up during the Winter so it won't be a washout like the last one!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fall Colors

Blasted out to Johnstown to work on my new website there, adksportscenter.com, then on to Old Forge. I camped out last night along the old road grade, now a snowmobile-powerline trail, about 8 miles south of old Forge. On my way back from Boonville, I took old Moose River Road to McKeever, where you pick up NY 28 just south of the Moose River Bridge. The trees are in max colors and it was quite the hard core old road drive with fall decor.

Moose River Road in Forestport

Moose River Road in Forestport

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

End to End

My last post was the start of the Adirondack Trail in Fonda, well, by Sunday I got up to Malone in time to take this beautiful pic of the north end of the Adirondack Trail.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mohawk Trail Escape

I broke my butt trying to finish this crap in Averill Park so I could get up North. I finally took off around 9 PM, taking NY 7 from Latham to I-890 in Schenectady, to NY 5 in Glenville, then take NY 5 all the way to NY 30 A in Fonda. An anger check was that by the time I got to I-890 in Schen., I was ready to kill 1/2 the other "drivers". But from 890 west, I was fine. Old NY 5 is great, it goes through the best parts of Amsterdam, and you follow the railroad most of the way. In Fonda, just west of the light at NY 30A, I ran into this sign on their remodeled Main Street. Who else would stop to take a picture like this?

The Beginning of the Adirondack Trail Sign

The Beginning of the Adirondack Trail Sign

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hello Again

Up in the 'Daks, away from the rabble of the Capital District. A couple of cretins have been lurking at this blog, looking for some useless trivia to throw at other people as if it was scandal. The weather is great today, for once we have a warm and dry day. It is turning into a tropical rainforest with all the extra water up here, but out west it is dry. Printed up some new promo for my sites, something I haven't done for quite a while.

I've been using PHP, basically HTML with brains, on my sites for a while. You can use include files in PHP, or you can insert a smaller file into a larger PHP one. That is how I do all my headers and footers so they are all the same. They are just one file for all pages, as well as my ads, each customer has his own little included PHP file. But the files are all on the same server. I finally realized you can access includes on other, or remote, servers. So I am now changing over my Hunting page, so the meat of the page is a file on NYRoute30.com. This means I only have to edit one hunting file and all three sites will use it. Which is good since the page is way out of shape.

In general, you can use PHP just like an HTML file. Go to PHP.net and you can easily learn how to use this open source, powerful language without paying more royalties to Bill Gates as if you used ASP instead. It is part of Apache server package and that is a free download for a server. ASP is the MS equivalent of PHP, but that ain't free; though the IIS, the personal web-server program included in Win XP, does understand ASP. You can do on-line databases easily with PHP like I am doing on this new on-line store.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

0 for 3, you're out!

I bought this wireless hub to hook up to my friend's motel system. When hooking it up the old hub, the old hub(not wireless) conked out on me. No big deal, it was a few years old. So I drove about 100 miles round trip to Radio Shack in Johnstown to get another regular old hub. So I hook the new one up, even plugging in all the RJ-45 jacks before powering it up. But that one fresh out of the box was a loser too. So I had to use the wireless hub in place of the old one so he would have some sort of network. So instead of the wireless hub being upstairs next to the door, I had to leave it in the crawlspace under the rafters where all the cables came together; where it gives poor performance. To top it off, when I got back to Averill Park, I plugged my laptop into it's charger, and the damm charger, less than two months old, craps out on me. A freaking stone simple DC power supply, and two hub, with no moving parts or switches, decide to throw a wrench in my works so I lose almost a whole day with that nonsense. I can understand a car or computer, with tons of moving parts adn related systems, crapping our. But these simple things? I am really upset and depressed, it seems I have some sort of reverse Midas touch, everything I touch falls apart.

I really am not getting much road or woods time in, I spent the last three times dong more webdesign in my room than sales, driving or hiking around. I came back using only 2/3 of a tank of gas. Maybe I am losing my edge, but I have a lot of web work and gas still is expensive, so that's all cool.

Before I left this time, I replaced my LF brake caliper on the Nanny Goat with a nice, rebuilt loaded brake caliper. I did pads and rotors in the front last June, but the RF brake caliper seized on me so I replaced that one with a loaded caliper of the same brand too, from my pals at BAP-GEON. The moral of that story: if you are doing brakes on an older car with caliper/pad brackets, get loaded calipers. Not only do you get a rebuilt caliper piston, but all new hardware and pins and a cleaned up bracket. They even come with pads too. It's only twice as much as good pads alone!! Now the Nanny Goat rolls so much smoother with freed up brakes!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Web Journeyman in Averill Park, NY

I am ensconced in Averill Park, working on a new shopping cart site on Worden Safety Chocks. Try to login and create an identity. I am in the bowels of the old Faith Mills, cranking away on laptop which is pretending to be a desktop, actually the desktop is upstairs.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Northbound Soon!

Gotta get out of this place and go back up North to Tupper at least.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hello Folks!

Been out of the 'Daks for a while, personal things plus I have some real work in Averill Park, in Rensselaer County, working on my new on-line store sight, Chocks.com, still in test phase. Been doing some camping, fishing and road rat cruising on the backroads of Rensco and Albco instead. Rally miss it so much. Even a weekend in the Green Mountain National Forest in Sunderland VT didn't quite do it. Though the water and landscape is so nice in Vermont. But Manchester is totally over-run with yuppies from out of state and with the quaint Vermont roads, that means endless hassels from people who kill with caution!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Best Swimming Hole Yet at Hull Falls

All the gazillion times I've been down NY 73, from Placid to the Northway via Keene/Keene Valley, I never drove on Hull Falls Road, which starts in the east just past Marcy Field and ends up in the hamlet of Keene at the junction of NY 9N. It follows the Ausable River. Less than a mile from Marcy Field, you cross the bridge at Hull Falls. It is an amazing set of falls and a huge, 40' deep pool at the bottom. You have to snake down along the bridge cause it's private property all around. I was already cool from all the monsoons but some Vermonters were enjoying this class A swimming hole.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Free At Last!

Just got my laptop back from warranty work, it's all better, had to go to the old Park Motel where the great owners kept it waiting!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tupper Lake Days

Spent some more time in Tupper lately, but I am stuck down in Smallbany too much these days. Camped out behind hte new Wild Center Museum in Tupper for a while, working online, via the desktop, on the workbench in the Park Motel's handyman shed.

(Notice the all important cafe maker to the left)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Found Some Nice Campsites

On NY 28N in Minerva right where the road crosses the Boreas River, they have fireplaces and the outhouse.

Summer Update

Sorry, but it has been so mixed up, living in Tupper and commuting to Albany for various reasons. Spent some time in downtown Albany and Troy, makes me pine for the 'Daks something fierce, what crummy people and places. Took NY 28N again up here, set up my desktop in the Park Motel's shed where I can get on and do some work unlike Albany, where I had to queue up at library computers. One of those library computers Net Nanny wouldn't even let me get into the PHP reference manual site, such trash!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Olympic Peninsula, I think, from airplane

Spokane, WA to the Pacific Coast back to Albany

Well, my last post was the 18th, from Spokane, WA. The next day, I delivered the Subaru to the owner at the airport, got paid, then drove off to the coast in a car Eileen rented. It was a V-6 Pontiac G6, actually a really good little car, with plenty of two lane passing torque. We went to the pacific coast via Yakima, where we passed the enormous Columbia River Gorge. West of Yakima, the heart of the Palouse, we took US 12 through the Cascades via White Pass and Packwood. In Packwood, I saw my first elk as a whole bunch of them saunteered into town for some grazing. I'd show you some pictures but my laptop's on-off switch is broken and all the pics are on that drive. Also in Packwood, you can see Mount Ranier. Then we pushed on to the Pacific Coast, getting there about midnight. The beaches there are public highways, but watch for drifting sand. We found a state campground close by and got a tent site. Then after 1.5 days, we split, went to Seattle and then caught the redeye to Albany via Pittsburgh at Seatac.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

From Albany to Spokane, Washington

We finally left on our little business/travel trip to Spokane, WA. We drove this car that my friend Grumme sold on Ebay to some professor in Spokane. We left Tuesday night and 2800 miles later, on Sat evening, we got to Spokane. We started out on the Southern Tier route west, where an armed band of Troopers stopped us on NY 17 looking for a guy who shot a trooper. We did the usual lame I - 90 to I -80 route through to the Mississippi RIver across from Des Moines, IA. In Iowa, I split off of I - 80 and worked my way up to Minnesota......(more to come, I'm beat here in a hotel lobby in Spokane

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blending in with the Woods

Ghetto Van

In The 'Hood in Saranac Lake

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Interesting Bumper Stickers

Darwin Awards:

Culling the Herd
Population Control Volunteers
Die and Learn
The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

"I(don't) Think,Therefore I Am(not)"~descartes

Chlorinating the Gene Pool
Natural de-Selection
Evolution in Action

Monday, June 05, 2006

Best Darn Blue Route in the USA!

The other day I took a drive through Placid to Schroon Lake, where I landed a new website job at a restaurant there. Schroon Lake is the center of my ADKI87.com site. So after I got the job, i built a fire and hung out in my old site by Schroon Falls. after that I took Blue Ridge Road, CR 84 to Newcomb then to Long Lake. Cr 84 is okay, but at the top, it's twisty and narrow and it was a foggy and rainy night. NY 28N was okay, but a little beat-up. When I got to the junction of NY 30 in Long Lake, I was so happy. NY 30 to Tupper from there is so easy and fast, great for a night like that one. It reminded me why I started this whole business because NY Route 30 is the

NY 30 between Long Lake and Tupper Lake

Best Darn Blue Route in the USA!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Let's Get Some Perspective

Personal and other setbacks and tragedies have reminded me that I am just another guy, no one special at all. I do what I do now cause I love it. Technically, I am a flatlander, born and raised in Hartford, CT. My hunting and fishing skills are so lamentable that white tail deer have thanked me for scaring the other hunters away. If I was in a hunter gatherer band I would be doing the gathering, not hunting. I have not hiked all, or even most of, the ADK 46 High Peaks. I am not a code whiz on the web, but I am good at what I do and I can also fix cars pretty well, especially my old goat. I wear the clothes I do cause I like it and it's practical and it also reflects my work. I do strive for consistency and accuracy in my work.

Moved to Tupper Lake

Yeah, I've finally done it, pulled the chain on the whole rotten Capital District for my main ville in my main park!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

With such beautiful weather and lush foliage, but the black flies, skeeters and other insect denizens are alight. Went up to Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lakeand drove around a bit on those rutted out roads and took a slew of new digital pics, have my good camera back this weekend, can't wait!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oy Vey, what a beautiful day!

It was a great one, starting at 3 am. Working like a dog on Guido's new site as well as revamping my babies. Then I went up Malone way to go turkey hunting. Ended up in Bangor and Westville, but everywhere I went in the farm back country there were road crews doing backed up repairs and maintainance. Scared all the birds away. It was a true green Kodak day, great for my little Walmart cheepo. Green also for growth after all the good rains. But the bugs are out, ready to eviscerate you!

Then I gravitated towards the Mohawk Res then Robert Moses Park and the Power Dam and the Eisenhower Lock at the top of NY State. They closed the visitors center at the dam, it's a Post 9/11 world, whatever that meant. Do they think anyone could devise a bomb to take the dam out, or are they protected from kamikaze airliners from Canada maybe? If some muslim jihader jerk had a nuke, he's going to blast NYC, DC or Philly, not Massena. Don't see any flak or SAM batteries by the international dam. THe new visitors center is on Hawkins Point, by the boat launch. Pretty lame compared to the old one which was open two years ago.

Then I explored old Massena. Looped down NY 56, checked out Norwood village, I added a page just for massena and robert moses.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back to Canton

Went back up to St. Larry County today, to check out Canton during a business day and get some more shots. Of course, I only have my basic but utterly useful Polaroid and not my zoom Olympus, which is back in Albany, mailed from the ripoff factory repair shop. The Polaroid was the cheapest camera at Wal Mart and recharges itself off the USB cable from the computer, saving tons on AA cells. St Lawrence County is a great place to drive, all the roads are tons of fun. I took some county and town roads in Parishville and came into Colton the back way. Canton seems like a cool place, people were receptive to what I was doing, hope it translates into some business.
Downtown Canton

Then I hit ole Saranac and Lake Placid tonight. Did some fishing down at the big state landing and campground on NY 3, about 3 miles west of 45 zone. Had some local take a snap of me in downtown Placid. Don't forget to check the tires, my two left ones are weak and I can't afford to get a whole new set now. Maybe I should be like the average slob and drive around with dirty windows, lights out, bald low tires, bad struts, no emergency brakes like so many other "motorists".
Me in Placid at night

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dazed in Tupper

It's in the am and it's snowing, with s stiff NW wind to boot. This weather is truly Adirondack! Today will be a work day.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Huntin', Fishin', Campin' in the Rain

Checked out Port Kent, on Lake Champlain, finally. Got a campground like 2 miles west of there, by Ausable Chasm, but until yesterday never had been there, even had a page on adki87.com too!. Went down the hill, crossed the tracks by the bus stop like rr station and drove down to the beach by the Vermont ferry landing, which opens May 30. Camped out at end of the lot by some trees near the water. Woke up next to this seaplane, cool. yellow seaplane in Port KentDidn't even pitch the tent, it didn't rain till noon. Ausable Chasm was intense with all the rains.
Ausable Chasm high flow

then I went up the hill to Wickham Marsh State Wildlife Management Area, on NY 373, for some turkey hunting. Had the whole place to myself. Like I said b4, it rained at noon, which is the end of the Spring turkey hunting day, 1/2 b4 sunrise - 12 PM. Drove into Ausable Forks, tried to get some business. Thank god they fixed NY 86 through High Falls Gorge, even did some fly fishing on the Ausable in the special no kill zone. I was wearing standard webmaster garb while these fishermen dressed like commandoes on a mission in the Amazon or soemthing.

Ferry landing

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In Memoriam Redux

My father-in-law, Matthew Joseph Dermody, passed away this morning in Albany Memorial Hospital from cancer. He was born in 1925 in Newcastle, Limerick, Ireland and was a really nice guy and an avid outdoorsman and camper.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here Comes the Rain

and I am happy. It was too dry, there were fire warnings and the new leaves would have shriveled if it didn't rain soon. Also, pollen-phobes get some relief, as well as the rafters and whitewater folks too, now there's some water to release. Better the rain now when growing things need it than worthless fall washouts. This will top off the water table too for wells.

In Memoriam

Found out my friend, Kim Van Evera passed away. She ran the Back to Basic: for Real Camping in Yurts and Outdoor Experience Near the End of the Northville - Lake Placid Trail. I met her on the web, we were both in some defunct New York State webring and I could tell she was right down the road from my old campsite in West Benson. She lived down in the middle of Bleeker, in Fulton County, in the Park. So I contacted her, at first trying to sell, but I loved what she was doing so I had to check her out. So I did a few times during the Fall and helped her raise a big 32' yurt. She left two beautiful little girls. She was a serious back country hiker herself, and picked up campers at the Northville - Lake Placid trailhead. National Geographic wrote a piece about her. She was totally unique. Bye Kim.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taking It Slow

Letting my ankle heal up a bit from twisting it last Sunday, then I get some flu for a day, really wiped out. Between slow season and high gas prices, I haven't been doing too much driving, mainly staying local. But I am gearing up for better things. Got behind this lumber truck at Exit 24 - Exit 1 I-87 Thruway to Northway toll barrier in merry Albany.

Read the writing on his bumper:
Please Do Not Hit

Please Do Not Hit

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Terrible Fishing Accident

After ambling over the Boston & Maine rr tracks to the Hoosick River, right near Vermont, I tripped over some roots approaching the river bank, in front of two xtreme kayak dudes practicing on the small rapids there.
extreme kayak dudeReally sprained it, too bad I wasn't wearing my 'Nam boots. Soaking it now in Epsom salts according to Eileen's explicit directions. Checked out Bennington too, gas is 25 cents cheaper there, less tax, hhhmmmmm! The water in the upper Walloomsac River was nice and clear, but so low. It is way too dry for this time of year, we need rain.

Vermont Water

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Firearms Paranoia

Last Thursday, the Schenectady(a city that should be scrapped for parts) Police shut the city and the school's down cause some braindead woman, like the one last summer who claimed I "slapped" her car, said she overheard two guys who were going to shoot up Schenectady High School. As a former teacher there, I can bet there are plenty of faculty and staff in Schenectady Skools who would go postal there before the kidz! (The schools in the Electric City have been over-run by dangerous inner city cretins from NYC.) So it turned out to be two active duty, off duty Army guys going out to the target range and one of them just chewed out his slacker daughter for sloughing out at school. So the wonderful cops had these guys, totally innocent of course, at gunpoint like they were some trash from the Bronx. A month earlier in Colonie some Colonie high school knuckle head was shooting his new MP-5 along the Mohawk River, off the worthless bike trail. He wanted to be an Army Ranger and his father bought him the gun, an "assault" rifle, so he could be just like a ranger. Granted, it was a dumb place to shoot but he hurt nor shot at nothing dangerous but the mindless robot police here acted like they cornered Osama himself. If he was on the other side of the Mohawk River, I doubt the cops would have come. He had what the lords of war called hand grenades but I heard they were like M-80's.

The cautionary note is to be totally low key when hunting or shooting. Why let anyone know anything more than necessary? I even dress and gear up off road under cover. Even if it's okay to shoot or hunt in some remote place, why let some scum know that there is a very valuable and easily resalable item in your car? Next to gold or cash, guns are the best things to steal.

Horrible Drivers

I'm beginning to think Albany and the 'burbs have the worst drivers around. Also, in my trip to the NW, I found that Ohio is definitely a state to avoid for drivers and roads, even Jersey is desirable to Ohio. It's my new state to kick around, like Mass,

Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring Turkey Season

Opening at dawn! Got all my camo stuff and gear together, gun primed and all the special turkey loads marked off with permanent marker and ready to go! You can only hunt in the AM in the Spring; should be a novel experience getting up early. Speaking or turkeys, I went to Wal-Marts and K-Marts to get some last minute gear. Wal-Mart in Latham was useless as usual,(both store and town) now that spineless greedsters from Wal-Marts, Arkansas caved into Mothers of America and stopped selling guns; only ammo and accessories. So, I'll re-use my old stuff, good, so it won't cost one cent extra, cause I have everything, including permits and stamps, from last fall.
turkey hunting gear

Starting to throw some more fishing into the mix. Why not, I love water and it gives me yet another excuse to be useless in the country. At least I try to clean out all the fishing holes, I don't want Upstate to go ghetto if I can help it.

Update, got up too late to go hunting.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hello, I'm still here, still banging away at it!

I took a bit of a break after the Midwest trip. But I went up last week and spent some time moping around St. Lawrence County on NY 3 near Wanakena, Star Lake. Had fun exploring the old iron mine, cinder plant. Camped out right on NY 3, the old road, it was so convenient and had cover and the traffic was fairly light. Well, I couldn't drum up any new business but I added Star Lake to my virtual empire.

Ausable Forks

Then I migrated to Tupper Lake and vegged around for a few days at the Park Motel; thank god I had my CAT 5 wiring gear so I could make myself useful. Went to the new Chamber's visitors center party too. Tried to drum up some biz, but talk about slow, 1/2 the 'Daks in on vacation after that horrendous winter!

Visited Ausable Forks, via the back way since NY 86 is closed between Lake Placid and Whiteface in the narrows of High Falls Gorge. My only customer was out of business. Then I saw these mokes walking around the village with this stupid homeboy get-ups and attitudes, including the pit bulls with the leashes made out of 5/16th link chain that you get at the hardware store off the roll. I guess with cable and other media, stupid trends penetrate where they have no business being. Yeah, keep on walking around in your 3x trunks in 37F nights! I got to get my mouth, lips and tongue pierced!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spreading Havoc and Terror Throughout the Northern Midwest Heartland

Sold this electric mobility chair, the newest generation of battery powered chairs for the handicapped, to some guy in Madison Wisconsin. He said he'd pay me $400 extra if I personally delivered it. Whammo, another extended road trip. So I packed up my usual 'Daks camping gear and tools and set out after I completely rebuilt the right front end (strut, tie tods, bearing, ball joint, control arm) plus rear struts. Left Monday evening, got into Madison Thursday afternoon. Took tons of detours and US highways. So after Madison, I went north, up I-39, through WI to MI's Upper Peninsula, where I am now in a motel in Gladstone, MI, on Lake Michigan. Camped out all the other nights, pitching tents or just sleeping in the back of my Eagle, a last resort! Even though the Eagle provides more protection than a tent, I can never get a good night sleep in the back. There is just enough length if I stretch out diagonally with the seats pushed forward.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Roling St. Lawrence County farmland near Canton

Potsdam, Colton, Canton Today

Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day for pictures, borrowed Maggie's digital and went up to Saint Lawrence County's college towns for some recon. Inspite of the lame strut, the car ran like a champ, getting great mileage. Love St. Larry Co., rolling farmland into the sunset, it's big sky country and the state's largest county landwise.

Racquette River south of Potsdam

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back in Tupper

Took the Blue Ridge, CR 84 route to Newcomb this time, hugging the Northway for my poor strut's sake. Great road, but some heaves on the top in the s-curve section, had to cool it for a while. Went to the end of Sabbatis Road, taking my old fave, NY 30 from Long Lake. Weird weather as usual

Sunday, March 19, 2006

NY 8, NY 365 Recon

Went all the way down NY 8 from Spec today and circled around the Stillwater Resevoir on NY 365 then looped back through Barnveld and Poland.Park sign on Ohio-Norway town line on NY 8 Took over 200 pictures, unfortunately, it was with my shrimpy little camera. The one above is the Park's boundary sign on Ohio/Norway border. The good one should be back from warranty work this week. Keep the trails open in the Saratoga County 'DaksBlew out my right front strut the other day on a seasonal road's hugh frostheave I didn't expect. that happened right after the picture I took after the log I chopped out. The struts are guaranteed for life, but I'll have to do the work, naturally! They are on order and I'll have to pay for them until the mfg'er ok's it. Till then, taking it easy around bumps and left hand turns.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Speculator Again!

It's cold and snowing now! Winter is still here and it's < 20F. The snow pack is still there iin some places pretty good on the trails!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NYRoute8.com is born and the SouthernAdirondackTrail.com too!

NYRoute8.com is up now and it redirects to the NYRoute28.com site on it's own special town index page, the same page as the Southern Adirondack Trail redirects to. Went up today and started in Speculator, at the northern end of the Southern Adirondack Trail. Came into a snow squall all the way from Speculator south-west to Little Falls. Mainly just some patrolling and casual selling. While talking on my cell and watching trains in Little Falls, I managed to knock my stupid glasspack muffler and wound about 16 feet of old copper railroad telegraph wire around my left rear drive axle. Went to a convenience store in the middle of town and the nice shopkeeper lent me a pair of linesman's pliers, which cut it apart finally, saving my axle's boots. Since then, I've secured the muffler.

The Speculator Way

Went up to Speculator today to drop off Windows 98 O.S. to my friend Bob. I stopped in at the local market to get a cafe refill. This is the market I usually buy my food and cafe in Speculator while staying at Bob's. So the incompetent jerk who runs the place tore down my little URL poster in less than a week. I don't care that he doesn't want to advertise with me, I have no hard feelings towards him as I give him my business. But his staff are incompetents who get all the orders wrong and charge a different price every time I get a refill. Finally, his newest wench tried to charge me a $1.50 for a refill, I told her no way, I paid $1.25 for the same a week ago and the price of coffee didn't go up that quickly. She caved and I treated her like a total vegetable. Screw them, there's competition for food in Speculator. He and his merchant family can take their cheesy, drag and drop grade school websites and shove it. I was never competing with his broods' work, no one, I mean no one, covers the 'Daks like me! I go from the Canadian border to the Thruway and as far west as Boonville and on to Verona. I'll go on any road in any weather, I love winter. I write my code from scratch using a special web editor. I started writing code on punch cards and teletypes.

Another reason to support Bob's Dissolve the Village of Speculator plan. Too many people in the 'Daks and this state in general wait around for some government job to take care of their lazy butts. Check out Albany, a $113 billion dollar state budget. All the social welfare agencies look on upstate as a good place to dump their rejects for cheap, compared to NYC, flops, destroying hte fabric of many old, small poorer communities. Also, the state likes to help the 'Daks by building prisons and dumping their NY City waste on us for some good paying prison jobs. I say keep the trash downstream. Build high rise prisons in the City or put them in hulk ships moored to the old piers in Manhattan and Brooklyn so their peeps can take the subway to visit them. Everyone would be happier!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Southern Adirondack Trail is now part of NYRoute28

Go to my new URL, SouthernAdirondackTrail.com. I cover the whole Southern Adirondack Trail, mainly NY Route 8 from Speculator to Little Falls, Herkimer. Plus I cover NY Route 8 from Wells to Loon Lake too.

Spark Plug Tips

Avoid all those Bosch 2 and 4 electrode Platinum, Pt, plugs. They always foul. So I switched both my wife's Camry and my boat to NGK Iridium, Ir, plugs. These Iridium plugs are tops!

Help New York State Out!

Eliminate a wasteful, duplicative political entity, the utterly pointless village government of Speculator. My friend Bob at the Cedarhurst Motor Lodge is passing out petitions to dissolve the village government and do everything through the town as to eliminate utterly pointless duplication, not pointless from the view of the people on the ville's payroll who live off the villages 300 odd registered voters.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Small Town Petty Police Tactics

The folks in Saranac Lake thought they could have one good weekend this dismal winter during their winterfest a couple weekends ago. But Eliot Ness and Thomas Dewey in the S.L. Police and the Franklin County DA figured it was time to enforce the petty underage drinking laws. They sent a man, woman and two kids, posing as a family, to old fashioned good restaurants and when the lady ordered a glass of wine with her meal, they arrested the waitresses and owners for serving a 20 year old. Needless to say, they hit the bars too during the rush and bagged a total of 11 places. They even arrested some prison guard officer's daughter too, for selling beer in the supermarket to the DA's rats. This is so petty and fascist, but it's not hard to believe. We've become a nation of fascist puritans, where "freedom loving" folks are just dying to let the police eavesdrop their phones, search their cars and houses and drug test them without question. Sounds like model Soviet citizens to me. But the good folks of S.L. are fighting back by demanding separate jury trials, as to tie the arseholes in the DA up with over twenty trials in a town that now hates them.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Up North Again

after a 2 week hiatus, I'm back up north. Last night the NW brought that great cold and snow, so I hit the road early this morning to Saranac Lake, where my good friend Nadia put me up for the night. The roads were choked with crummy drivers: a 1/4" of snow in Albany and you'd think these people grew up on the equator the way they were driving. The most contemptible are these granny drivers who crawl along through the snow while 4/5ths of their windows and car are still covered with snow. What putzes! You can't have it both ways, if you want to be cautious, stop and clean your windows and let the 15 cars behind you get by. But it's great to be back in Placid and Saranac on a real winter's night for a change. Already, it's -10F!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Auto Caveat: Check your timing belt on your Overhead Cam Motor OHC.

My friend's brother-in-law was driving his 93 Volvo, which he bought 2 weeks earlier for $1200. The timing belt completely snapped when he was driving on US 9 in Latham. When I looked up the timing mark pattern for his car(so one can re-align all three shafts: cam, crank, jack) the book said it was an interference motor: which means when the belt breaks, the pistons will bend the valves, making a simple timing belt replacement into a cylinder head job > $750. Ironically, the Volvo is one of the easiest cars to put a timing belt in, the rest of the car is in good shape and one couldn't ask for an easier car to work on, it's real wheel drive. Some other interference motors that come to mind are Honda Civics, GM engines, Nissans, VW, yadda yadda. Have the belt inspected, if the rubber is hard, shiny or cracked, replace it! Age will wear it out as well as mileage. The older timing belt styles, like on this Volvo, are very weak and narrow. My Eagle's belt is about 5 X as large and thick as that crummy little Volvo belt.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Winter is Back

Burrr, it's below 0F in Speculator right now, the western 'Daks got over 2'. Someone must had found a virgin to sacrifice to the snow gods. Wiring up the Cedarhurst Motel, well at least I have my room wired with high speed. So now I have three places up here where I have a room with HBO and high speed.

Wrapped up the job Saturday. At the local diner in Spec, the Sunrise, I saw a flyer from a guy who does CAD design for buildings and septic. So on my way back to Albany, I picked up another website job.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goodbye to West Hartford, CT

My father is selling the old family house and moving down to Potomac, MD. Lot of memories, I didn't live too long in West Hartford but I was born and lived till 13 in the City of Hartford. Took lots of junk: he's 78 and has more junk than he could handle. CT is a really messed up state road-wise. These safety wusses love to put stop signs everywhere: on curves, rr crossings that see 1 train/month, at almost every inersection. It is so bad that they have to put signs telling people when it isn't an all-way stop so they will actually stop, instead of blowing through all those pestilential pussy stop signs. On their interstates and limited access highways, they have lots of left exits and entrances. On I-91 between Hartford and Windsor, they have a carpool lane, which takes up two regular lanes and has no passing or exits until the Hartford City line, which they don't tell you when you get on that utter waste of good road space and money: they even built ramps and overpasses for the HOV lanes, that almost no one uses. Typical brain-dead CT thinking! CT has yearly emissions testing; but if you buy your car new, you never have to have a safety inspection on it. A used car will get inspected once by the state when you first register it though. So there are tons of really badly maintained vehicles on the road, even nice ones. Every third car has at least one brake light out. They have these fancy emission testing centers, you'd think they would throw a safety check too while they are there every year.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spent 2 days in Boonville

Thursday, Friday and tried to drum some business up. Thanks to the weather, business is shit, anyone know a virgin we can sacrifice to the snow gods? Lowville, north of B'ville, is the center of the snow belt and has no snow, it's like spring. Boonville is totally retrogade; most of them are getting used to dial yourself rotary desk phones, they just gave up their hand cranked ones. But prices are cheap their, there is an A-Plus mini mart with the cheapest gas and high test coffee for $.64 a mug; compare that to rip-off McDonald's who want $1.84 to fill up the same cup. Starbuck's cofee is cheaper than both CrapDonalds and Punkin Donuts. Took NY 28 to NY 30 back home, sold a CAT 5 wiring job to my friend in Speculator at a deep, horrible winter, discount. The Eagle runs great with clean plugs and my gas mileage went up, so I spend less on the juice. Bosch 2 and 4 electrode plugs are prone to foul, so I bring cleaning stuff, xtra plugs and sockets all the time now.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gonna Hit the Road

Going lean and mean this time, prolly camp-out. Heading W-N-W, maybe?
Update: Boonville, Lowville via NY 7 to I-890 in Schen, to NY 5 to Amsterdam. Then NY 67 west to Johnstown, where I tanked up and took NY 29 through the lower 'Daks to Middleville, where I picked up my NY 28 to NY 12. that is a short and good hardcore 2 lane route with no tolls or b.s.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Drive Home

Took the Olympic Way NY 3-86-Old Mil Road-73 to the Northway. Kept some good time, taking the occassional pass here and there to keep the pace up. Wasn't till I cleared Keene Valley did I find someone worth following. In spite of all the Statey traps, I came up clean every time. Some of the passes might have gotten a little over 55 mph though, this is NY State!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Tuned up the old beast

yesterday. Put a good high quality cap, rotor and Bosch 4 electrode Pt plugs in the old thing, 2.4 l, 16 valves, and she ran like a champ this time. Finally realized that the other Bosch plugs 2 electrode, Pt plug, were getting fouled up with soot. Also, put some shock bushings in as cushions for the 5/16" eyebolt that I was using to hold my Thrush® muffler to the bumper. Saves gas and ears, smooth purring!

My trusty 1995 Eagle Summit AWD Wagon, 2.4L, 5 spd.

Then I went for a starlight patrol of NY 3 & 30, the Sara-Tupper Speedway, to Saranac Lake to the only all night store in the Tri-lakes Region. It ran like a dream, with Beethoven's 9th, Ode to Joy and the highbeams on the whole time. NY 3 rules all other NY routes. It's simply the best road in design, scenery, challenge, and age. Ironically, I cover it from Plattsburgh to Wanakena on adkI87.com and nyroute30.com.

High Speed in Tupper Lake

Booted up the Northway/US 9. Got a new customer in Olmstedville, Muellers, who do heavy duty repair and towing, I mean the hard core stuff. Then it was through Schroon, No. Hudson to CR 84, Blue Ridge Road, to Newcomb and came into the Tupper the right way. Hooked up my new-used 16 port office switch for my friends Maggie and Jerry's Park Motel, so we can have CAT 5 high speed internet in their rooms. Will finish up all the receptacles and RJ-45 jacks by tomorrow .

High Speed in Tupper Lake

UPDATE: Sunday, 1/29

Job completed, 7 rooms wired.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Computer Running Slow, Try a Memory Expansion

My laptop ran slow as molasses, even with a 2.4 GHz processor, cause it had only 204 MB of free RAM. The XP OS soaks up tons of RAM when it is running. So I sent away for a 512MB memory stick and it made the computer run about 12x as fast. Remember, memory is the cheapest and best way to improve performance, especially on cheaper machines that come stock with only 256MB of RAM. But still remember to check all the auto start up programs and delete the ones you don't need most of the time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Email Caveats

set your email client(Outlook express, Netscape Composer, Eudora) so it prompts you if someone wants a return confirmation email sent back to him. Lot's of spam have the confirmation requests set to true to trick Outlook Express into confirming to them that the email addy is good.

Psycho Weather

It was a windstorm last night, then it turned into a ice storm. The power went out this morning. Then it warmed up in the afternoon and turned to rain. Then, by 5, the wind shifted from the NW and snow and 40 mph gusts blew in. Here is a night shot from Berkley Square in Saranac Lake. My friend Nadia is back in SL, so we got together for some web design business and socializing

Berkley Square in Saranac Lake

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm the CAT 5 Wiring Dude

Just wired my first room here in Tupper Lake at the Park Motel. As soon as we get another switch, we'll have the whole place with wired high speed that we split off of the DSL connection. Took two tries with the RJ-45(the ones that look like big telelphone jacks) crimp tool till I learned how to crimp the ends on right. Now that I have high speed in Tupper Lake. I don't need to sneak into Lake Placid hotels and use their phone jacks to get to the local crummy AOL dial-up number!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yahoo Beats Google Search

In spite of mass Google hype, good old Yahoo search is way better. It returns more relevant links quicker. I was just looking for a potential customer in the Central Adirondacks. Google gave me a bunch of useless garbage while Yahoo gave me the link to his website on return #1. When AdkI87.com tanked out last summer cause of the server, Google was returning for #1 a ceramics factory near the Northway that had the Northway listed in a map in a .pdf file while Yahoo returned a summer resort near the Northway that mentioned it several times in their site for keywords "Adirondack Northway". Now of course, my www.AdirondackNorthway.net site returns #1 for keywords "Adirondack Northway". Don't believe the hype!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Boonville Recon

Checked out Boonville testerday, after I left Old Forge. I put up the Boonville page earlier that morning. I have been busy like a beaver working on the re-born NYRoute28.com site, cruising from Barnveldt to Inlet. Business has been good. Heard about some scum who has a snowmobile website who ripped off some of my customers by taking their money and not putting up one page.