Friday, December 12, 2008

More Green Thoughts

Going through Saranac Lake yesterday, I was really impressed that, in one of the coldest cities in the US, so many buildings didn't even have rudimentary storm windows, doors or vestibules. This is the sort of contemptible laziness and cheapness I despise. I mean, in like 2 years of heating, one would recoup the cost of the windows. But some crummy landlord will rent some old building with 100 year old doors and windows and tons of plate glass, and not give a thought about simple, common sense, middle class things like cutting your heating bill and cutting the amount of stuff that has to be burned to heat it, scum. Or newer buildings with flat roofs and no windows or natural ventilation, so they have to be mechanically heated and cooled year round. So when I see this as the norm, along with stores arranged so only the foolhardy would dare walk and walled off from the houses nearby so Joe SixPack drives his full size pick up everywhere, I can only have contempt at the people who whine about energy prices and demand we drill or somehow we are all going to be living in the dark ages when they squander energy hand over foot. I don't say we can't heat or cool buildings and live comfortably, but a well insulated building with good passive cooling and ventilation, is more comfortable and cheaper to run, ergo more green. So there is no real sacrifice if it is done right from the start. Sure some people are doing this now and if the government has to legislate it, it will be mediocrity.
Also, lets put in some sensible bike and walking paths. I heard some cranks on some so called news channel whining about bike path grants as if this was some hideous thing to spend money on like gold fixtures in the Whitehouse bathroom. So let's have nation of soft, fat slobs falling over from heart attacks and diabetes while consuming energy and junk food like gluttons. Don't walk or ride a bike anywhere, make sure your kid doesn't have to make that horrible quarter mile trek to school, drive or put him on the bus. When you hunt or fish, make sure you bring your ATV, god forbid if you break a sweat. We are victims of our own success, the success of the transport vehicle and junk food industry, coupled with the crummiest sort of planning and sidewalks. So let's fight another war for more oil instead, that is so patriotic!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Going Green

Being green is cool, but some people grouse about enviro-nazis and scoff at even the most common sense measures to conserve and protect, then turn around and call themselves conservationists cause they want a nice view from all 4 of their homes. Of course they claim they are logical but are as small minded and selfish as the radical enviros they criticize. So if it is pretty and green around their upscale homes they could care less about the other side of the tracks.
I am a practical person. So if I can walk or ride my bike somewhere i will. Even though the price of gas has dropped thank god, I still conserve.Usually I park closest to the exit and walk the extra 50 yards anyways. Not only does this save a miniscule amount of gas but it saves a lot of pointless wear and tear. Also it helps avoids a parking lot collision. Then if I want to go to a neighboring store I will walk. If this makes me look weird, so be it; only an utterly petty person would make a stink about that. Also, the exercise really helps and if people walked an extra mile or two a week instead of driving everywhere, we wouldn't have so many land whales croaking of heart attacks at 49 or taking insulin.

For example, I was at local big box place and one set of doors was locked at night. So these two young guys realize the doors are locked too but I told them the other set was open all the time. As I was walking over to the open doors, I saw these two obviously healthy guy drive their truck all of 40 yards to be near those doors. How lame! Same when I am on the road making sales, I go on foot as much as possible, at least you can spot and see things you would miss driving, which makes me more aware. Don't get me wrong, I love driving, but not stop and go nonsense in cities or parking lots. Get me on the open road and I'll go on all day.

Same with consuming packaged trash I don't need, Fill the water bottle, don't buy a plastic one from the cooler. Think of all the electricity, fuel, plastic and cost that bottled thing just consumed then save a $1.09.

Okay, enough of a lecture, have fun.

Just Bought!

I know this sounds like trivia, but when I first started in '05 they wanted $5000 for, wow!! Then it was $1000, no way! I jsut tried it tonight for the heck and the domain vultures gave up and let it expire. So I snapped it up for $10/year like it should be. I will make that the main one soon and use the .net as a redirect.