Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Interesting Bumper Stickers

Darwin Awards:

Culling the Herd
Population Control Volunteers
Die and Learn
The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

"I(don't) Think,Therefore I Am(not)"~descartes

Chlorinating the Gene Pool
Natural de-Selection
Evolution in Action

Monday, June 05, 2006

Best Darn Blue Route in the USA!

The other day I took a drive through Placid to Schroon Lake, where I landed a new website job at a restaurant there. Schroon Lake is the center of my ADKI87.com site. So after I got the job, i built a fire and hung out in my old site by Schroon Falls. after that I took Blue Ridge Road, CR 84 to Newcomb then to Long Lake. Cr 84 is okay, but at the top, it's twisty and narrow and it was a foggy and rainy night. NY 28N was okay, but a little beat-up. When I got to the junction of NY 30 in Long Lake, I was so happy. NY 30 to Tupper from there is so easy and fast, great for a night like that one. It reminded me why I started this whole business because NY Route 30 is the

NY 30 between Long Lake and Tupper Lake

Best Darn Blue Route in the USA!