Friday, July 29, 2011

Been Busy Lately

Traveling all around the Dak's
Earlier this month I was up in the wild forest along the Hudson north of Lake Luzerne. There are a bunch of primitive campsites along the dead end road, on the uphill side. We picked on fairly decent one, #9. There was a memorial plaque there for a young woman who died last year. Slowly the story came back to me. She was campinig there in a tent, when a wind storm blew a tree over on here tent, right there in our site, and killed her. Real sad. A peaceful weekend doing nothing dangerous but one of mother nature's more innocuous creations falls on her. The place was okay but the already flooded out and rutted road had to put up with the rafting bus making a trip every half hour up the road to drop more tubers off to float down.