Friday, December 30, 2005

AOL Ripoff

Had AOL on my laptop for a while, so I can access the net on the road. Started out with the free month plan, then was paying 25/month for unlimited, finally 15/mo for 6 hours. Since the access numbers in the 'Daks are almost always long distance, I would sometimes pay an extra 10/min for their 1-800 service. It was a real rip, so I decided to cancel. When I called them to cancel, I told the man, very pleasantly, about just how useless AOL was for the 'Daks. Except to connect to the net, I never used AOL for anything else; their browser bites and who needs another email addy when I have about 14,900 extras of my own. Then, I told him I used Road Runner at home and had no need for the AOL bunny slope community. Then he tells me, that since I was a Road Runner customer, that AOL was free! I blew over a 100 on that useless crap when the whole time it was free. The moral of this anecdote is that if you have Road Runner, then AOL is free.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back in Old Forge

Took the Thruway to Palantine Bridge, Exit 29. Took NY 5 all the way through to Herkimer to get on NY 28. Westbound people should get off at Exit 29A, Little Falls, to get to NY 28 north. It's a four lane highway from Little Falls to Herkimer. Also, NY 28 north is about 3/4 mile east of the Herkimer exit, so you'll save on the miles too. Rail buffs love NY 5, it goes along the Mohawk Division of the NY Central RR. One of my friends says I have too much time on my hands if I like to watch trains.

Looking East on the Mohawk Division Mainline at the West Canada Creek bridge

Looking East on the Mohawk Division Mainline at the West Canada Herkimer Creek bridge, on the Herkimer-Montgomery County Line