Saturday, May 06, 2006

Firearms Paranoia

Last Thursday, the Schenectady(a city that should be scrapped for parts) Police shut the city and the school's down cause some braindead woman, like the one last summer who claimed I "slapped" her car, said she overheard two guys who were going to shoot up Schenectady High School. As a former teacher there, I can bet there are plenty of faculty and staff in Schenectady Skools who would go postal there before the kidz! (The schools in the Electric City have been over-run by dangerous inner city cretins from NYC.) So it turned out to be two active duty, off duty Army guys going out to the target range and one of them just chewed out his slacker daughter for sloughing out at school. So the wonderful cops had these guys, totally innocent of course, at gunpoint like they were some trash from the Bronx. A month earlier in Colonie some Colonie high school knuckle head was shooting his new MP-5 along the Mohawk River, off the worthless bike trail. He wanted to be an Army Ranger and his father bought him the gun, an "assault" rifle, so he could be just like a ranger. Granted, it was a dumb place to shoot but he hurt nor shot at nothing dangerous but the mindless robot police here acted like they cornered Osama himself. If he was on the other side of the Mohawk River, I doubt the cops would have come. He had what the lords of war called hand grenades but I heard they were like M-80's.

The cautionary note is to be totally low key when hunting or shooting. Why let anyone know anything more than necessary? I even dress and gear up off road under cover. Even if it's okay to shoot or hunt in some remote place, why let some scum know that there is a very valuable and easily resalable item in your car? Next to gold or cash, guns are the best things to steal.

Horrible Drivers

I'm beginning to think Albany and the 'burbs have the worst drivers around. Also, in my trip to the NW, I found that Ohio is definitely a state to avoid for drivers and roads, even Jersey is desirable to Ohio. It's my new state to kick around, like Mass,

Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring Turkey Season

Opening at dawn! Got all my camo stuff and gear together, gun primed and all the special turkey loads marked off with permanent marker and ready to go! You can only hunt in the AM in the Spring; should be a novel experience getting up early. Speaking or turkeys, I went to Wal-Marts and K-Marts to get some last minute gear. Wal-Mart in Latham was useless as usual,(both store and town) now that spineless greedsters from Wal-Marts, Arkansas caved into Mothers of America and stopped selling guns; only ammo and accessories. So, I'll re-use my old stuff, good, so it won't cost one cent extra, cause I have everything, including permits and stamps, from last fall.
turkey hunting gear

Starting to throw some more fishing into the mix. Why not, I love water and it gives me yet another excuse to be useless in the country. At least I try to clean out all the fishing holes, I don't want Upstate to go ghetto if I can help it.

Update, got up too late to go hunting.