Thursday, June 29, 2006

Olympic Peninsula, I think, from airplane

Spokane, WA to the Pacific Coast back to Albany

Well, my last post was the 18th, from Spokane, WA. The next day, I delivered the Subaru to the owner at the airport, got paid, then drove off to the coast in a car Eileen rented. It was a V-6 Pontiac G6, actually a really good little car, with plenty of two lane passing torque. We went to the pacific coast via Yakima, where we passed the enormous Columbia River Gorge. West of Yakima, the heart of the Palouse, we took US 12 through the Cascades via White Pass and Packwood. In Packwood, I saw my first elk as a whole bunch of them saunteered into town for some grazing. I'd show you some pictures but my laptop's on-off switch is broken and all the pics are on that drive. Also in Packwood, you can see Mount Ranier. Then we pushed on to the Pacific Coast, getting there about midnight. The beaches there are public highways, but watch for drifting sand. We found a state campground close by and got a tent site. Then after 1.5 days, we split, went to Seattle and then caught the redeye to Albany via Pittsburgh at Seatac.