Friday, August 05, 2005

Latest Hassels in Schroon

My fave campsite was taken by a whole clan of campers, they really moved in. I was pissed but it's state land and it's first come, first serve. But if they trashed the place out, I'm going to be really angry. So I was at the swimming beach by the Falls today, cooling off. There was this "normal" downstate family who parked their SUV so it almost blocked the trail to the falls. The wife and the brats were sitting inside with the engine running, tinted windows up and the a/c on while hubby went back to the falls to fetch his canoe. So, while walking around the SUV to get on the trail, I clumsily clunked my head on the his roof carrier that was sticking out a foot on each side of the roof. Since the windows were closed I just walked away, thinking nothing about it.

So after my swim, I got changed and was just about ready to leave when two state troopers pulled up behind me. It seem like the witch wife had a hissy fit when I accidentally clunked my head, thinking that I intentionally slapped the car, so they did the typical all American douchebag maneuver and called the police. I explained that to the trooper, after he gave me the third degree. But he couldn't leave without lecturing me that she did the right thing and it's his job to question the heck out of me and if someone slapped his wife's car, he would be really concerned(as if I slapped it or it was his wife). I really bit my tongue, holding back the choice comments about a downstate bitch who sits sealed up in their car with the a/c running (something I really despise) while her husband lugs the canoe by himself. As well as arrogant, smug cops who had to make sure that, even though I did nothing illegal or reprehensible, it was okay that he took all of our time and energy to hassel me, as if I had nothing better to do with my day. Whatever happened to apologies, is that too much for such super public servants? Though I must say the female trooper, who was backing him up, was a lot more polite and reasonable.

PS: I even offered to help the guy get the canoe on his roof as well as picked up a bag of trash left behind by the usual slobs, but no trooper pulled up to congratulate me on my good citizenship for those acts.

Car Care Tip

I like to put Vaseline in the spark plug wire boots before clicking them on the plugs, so wires won't seize on the hot plugs and tear apart when you try to take them off. Also, it makes it easier to seat the wire right on the plug and prevent moisture infiltration. But I haven't had any Vaseline handy for a while, so I substituted wheel bearing grease. Big mistake! The grease forms a hard layer that inhibits the spark, causing misfires. I tried all sorts of stuff for a while: new plugs, fuel injection cleaner, etc. But the other night I found a jar of Vaseline on the road and all of a sudden it occurred to me what the problem was. So I cleaned up the wires and put a little Vaseline. Presto, the misfires vanished and the gas mileage went way up.