Friday, November 04, 2005

Got Firefox!

Finally bit the bullet and took the free plunge to Mozilla Firefox browser. What an easy painless download and installation. Using it now. Checked out my ANCA work in Netscape today and the stupid html commented tags were throwing errors that IE 6 would never do. Really smooth, it imported everything from IE 6!

I grew up on IE 6, and it is the most forgiving browser for bad JavaScript and html. But it is ponderous and vulnerable to security issues, which never bothered me. But this Firefox is winning me over. Though any good webmaster should check his work on at least one Mozilla based browser, now I have two.
Emerald Hills

Hills Behind My Stand

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Got 2 Turkeys in Melrose, Rensselaer County

I was visiting an old farmer friend, we use to rent from his nephew. He always let me hunt his small farm. I checked it out earlier, using a very mud and water logged route to a nice little grove of wild apples on the upslope of this field and bog. Real heavy clayee sucking mud it was from all those freaking October rains. So I came back about an hour later and parked closer to the meadow and grove. I set up a little base alongside some thick, sideways growing apple trees. My boots and socks were wet, so I spread my mat out and took off my footgear to dry off a bit, plus I had some dry socks. I got my camera out too.

So, natch, as I am sitting there scannning the bend in the track and tree line I see some racoons? Racoons, cats, sheeet, they're gobblers and I'm shoeless. So I ducked down and dragged my boots on and tried to hide the stuff as I lay prone infantryman style behind a small hummock, in full camo now. I called them a couple times but they just moved back out of site. So I doubled back to my base, hid everything, which was just precaution and laced up my boots and went with just the basics. I tacked up the hill through the apple trees and made it to the tree-fence line. Following the cover there, I worked my way to the bend. Snapping the safety off on five special 3" turkey loads, I rounded the bend and there was the biggest flock of turkeys I've seen in a long time. Standing, I got up closer and pumped 2 quick ones at head level. The flock scattered minus two birds flopping around in their death throes. So I blew off the first guy's head and did the secong manually; at 85 cents a shell, hell yes. Cleaned them in the driveway at home, what a pain!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

turkey hunting gear

Call of the Turkeys

still doing some turkey hunting in Albany County southern zone.

Exit 30 High Peaks

On US 9 just east of Exit 30, Lake Placid, Keene Valley
The way to Lake Placid and Keene Valley


it was snow for the upper Daks. over a foot in the high peaks last week and when we drove through the pass to Ticonderoga on NY 74, it was a sample of winter. Went all the way up to St. Albans Vermont in Eileen's car to pick up this tranny I bought for a Subaru. The Quebec junk yard undercut everyone in the US by $450 so we went with him when he dropped it off for me in VT. QC, CA is a good place to go for used parts, especially with free continental calling. Got some dynamite pics from the shop on Lake Champlain, see front page of