Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gonna Hit the Road

Got stuff patched up here for a while, put a wheel bearing and shocks in a friend's car today. To all my AdkNway customers: The server it was on was crapping out, Canaca told me they replaced it, but that's why it went from #1 in Google on Adirondack Northway to #67. That killed my traffic. 20K in August and less than 8K for September so far, They replaced the server, they say, and gave me a free week's rent. Google re-indexes every week or two so it should bubble back up to 1 or 2 soon. A freaking .PDF file from a technical factory that has directions with "Adirondack Northway" printed on a map pulls #1 on Google, oy vey! I got a bunch of good freebie links, like the Frostbites and the Mountaineer, that will help! But on Yahoo Search however, it still pulls #1 on "Adirondack Northway"!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I am discouraged and I am going to whine

I got some good news, 40,000 hits on NY Route 30 last month. I worked the phones yesterday, mainly trying to get some old timers to renew, no luck. Then this jerk, who agreed to my $200/year website deal earlier this month, welshes on me without telling me after I called him to tell him to check over the info that I laboriously entered. He says he can't use it now, as if his place isn't running at 10% capacity. Fool, the website isn't for you to use, it's to get customers to visit! He really pissed me off. I put all this work into his site and he doesn't have the wherewithal to tell me he doesn't want it. I had to bite through a 3/4" pine board to keep me from giving him the tongue lashing he so richly deserved. Or some other disreputable people, with whom I made a no-money link swapping deal, can't even take 15 seconds to post my link on their site after 3 months, but will take the time to critique my site.

Now, I get to go back to subbing school and other thankless crap where I have to deal with semi-literate baboons who do their best to waste school district money on their fraudulent education! At least this one student that I got for Physics tutoring, a college one, seems motivated. Believe it or not, I like to feel that all my efforts aren't wasted.