Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Green Thoughts

Due to the intensely wet weather we are having, for the last 2 years, it is truly green out there. Which is good to a point, if you don't mind clouds of skeeters or mold everywhere.
Even though I do a lot of driving, I try to stay a little greener. At home, I will park maybe a half mile short and walk the rest of the way, or at least park, head out, at the end of the lot next to the exit I plan on using. A few hundred yards less on each trip saves a couple miles a week and gives you a lot of good exercise. Also, it saves your car from those piddling stop and go driving or annoying scrapes. When I am out in the country, I usually just park on the right of the shoulder, on the side I am going on, for each stop. Once again, not much in the way of distance but it cuts out more wasteful maneuvers. Also, I am a fiend for timing traffic lights or at least putting as little power as necessary to get to a red light.
Also, my preventive maintenance, especially that ignition coil pack I put in last year, really have paid off in gas mileage and performance, I have a new(er) car, a 97 Nissan Sentra with a good small motor that I want to put on the road. Hopefully that will get me good mileage too.