Friday, August 06, 2010

Up In North Country Now, Plattsburgh

And it is mercifully cool and green, totally reassuring when I hear it was in the 90s in Jersey & Philadelphia today. Too cool even for me, I got a little sick as my body couldn't handle it all at once. But I am covering the Northway today all the way to Canadian border, snapping pictures of each exit, Village of Champlain and sights alongside. Saws these big bovine friends casually grazing today:

cows grazing in Point Au Roche
They taste good too!

Monday, August 02, 2010

New Construction & Bottleneck on Northway

As I stated on my site, the southbound span over the Schroon River, just south of Exit 24, MP 68.3, has been removed, to be replaced soon. This is between the Warrensburg and Bolton Landing exits. So all traffic necks down into one lane each way. So on high traffic days, like Friday afternoons and evenings northbound, Sunday afternoons and evenings southbound, prepare yourself for a possible 20 minute to a half hour wait to cross over the remaining span. This is just up the road from the infamous 2004 flash flood that washed out both road beds of I-87 as well as East and West Schroon River Roads below.

Shot from the Exit 24 Overpass Looking South

Added a new page for Ticonderoga

I had been planning on doing this for years. So this weekend I made a couple of trips down to Ticonderoga from Schroon Lake so I can officially get my new Ticonderoga page up and running. It was even a shade greener down in the Lake Champlain Valley than in the rest.

Drove up to Crown Point too, to see the temporary free ferry and the start of the new bridge too.

But don't worry, Homeland Security is running this ferry service. We all know for ages Al Qaeda has had its heart set on disrupting the all important lower Lake Champlain link between the most important state in the nation and New York. But with our boys in blue on point, Osama beware!

Great Weekend, Great Weather

Great Weekend, Great Weather

Spent the weekend up in the Schroon Lake area, the weather was great. Hot enough in the days but cool at night. No need for air conditioning, which I don't have anyways in my new used car anyways. Tons of people around, enjoying themselves boating, tubing, swimming in the lake and rivers. Even the bugs were on the decline, much fewer little pests alight to make life miserable for us warm blooded animals.