Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mohawk River east of Little Falls

More Site Work

I haven't done much travelling at all. But I did spend a lot of time reworking my main sites. I downloaded the Xenu link checker from some german site, Xenu is some alien race from L Ron Hubbard's, of Scientology science fiction I found out.
What a mess my sites were, there were broken links galore. So I spent a good day or two, like 24 hours, re-doing tons of pages, including my snazzy dropdown menus which were putting bad links on all my pages. Then I went to town on my utterly bereft of business western part of the pages, like Herkimer and Little Falls, where I had no pics. So I took a drive out that way to mainly take pictures but I did try to drum some business up. But it looked like Hooverville out that way in the Western Mohawk Valley. At least it was a good crisp picture taking day so I got some decent digital shots.