Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gonna Hit the Road

Going lean and mean this time, prolly camp-out. Heading W-N-W, maybe?
Update: Boonville, Lowville via NY 7 to I-890 in Schen, to NY 5 to Amsterdam. Then NY 67 west to Johnstown, where I tanked up and took NY 29 through the lower 'Daks to Middleville, where I picked up my NY 28 to NY 12. that is a short and good hardcore 2 lane route with no tolls or b.s.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Drive Home

Took the Olympic Way NY 3-86-Old Mil Road-73 to the Northway. Kept some good time, taking the occassional pass here and there to keep the pace up. Wasn't till I cleared Keene Valley did I find someone worth following. In spite of all the Statey traps, I came up clean every time. Some of the passes might have gotten a little over 55 mph though, this is NY State!