Sunday, September 03, 2006

0 for 3, you're out!

I bought this wireless hub to hook up to my friend's motel system. When hooking it up the old hub, the old hub(not wireless) conked out on me. No big deal, it was a few years old. So I drove about 100 miles round trip to Radio Shack in Johnstown to get another regular old hub. So I hook the new one up, even plugging in all the RJ-45 jacks before powering it up. But that one fresh out of the box was a loser too. So I had to use the wireless hub in place of the old one so he would have some sort of network. So instead of the wireless hub being upstairs next to the door, I had to leave it in the crawlspace under the rafters where all the cables came together; where it gives poor performance. To top it off, when I got back to Averill Park, I plugged my laptop into it's charger, and the damm charger, less than two months old, craps out on me. A freaking stone simple DC power supply, and two hub, with no moving parts or switches, decide to throw a wrench in my works so I lose almost a whole day with that nonsense. I can understand a car or computer, with tons of moving parts adn related systems, crapping our. But these simple things? I am really upset and depressed, it seems I have some sort of reverse Midas touch, everything I touch falls apart.

I really am not getting much road or woods time in, I spent the last three times dong more webdesign in my room than sales, driving or hiking around. I came back using only 2/3 of a tank of gas. Maybe I am losing my edge, but I have a lot of web work and gas still is expensive, so that's all cool.

Before I left this time, I replaced my LF brake caliper on the Nanny Goat with a nice, rebuilt loaded brake caliper. I did pads and rotors in the front last June, but the RF brake caliper seized on me so I replaced that one with a loaded caliper of the same brand too, from my pals at BAP-GEON. The moral of that story: if you are doing brakes on an older car with caliper/pad brackets, get loaded calipers. Not only do you get a rebuilt caliper piston, but all new hardware and pins and a cleaned up bracket. They even come with pads too. It's only twice as much as good pads alone!! Now the Nanny Goat rolls so much smoother with freed up brakes!