Saturday, October 01, 2005

Converted the NY 30 site to PHP tonight

that's HTML with brains, now, all my headers and footers are one file and I can have a nifty time/date. It also makes the page ready to be hooked to a database. Always save your html pages as php pages, almost all servers can handle it. Regular old html will work fine as php, and it makes it easier to upgrade to fancy php scripts, go to It's all open source server stuff, available on almost all servers. But it will make upkeep easier.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


After Old Forge, I headed back north to my old stomping grounds in the High Peaks. I called this really beautiful lady, Nadia, who I only met over the phone and email, and met her in person. She offered to feed and put me up for the night in true north country hospitality. She runs a craft program, her site has resources and marketing programs for crafts folks and retailers.

Then I took NY 3 up to Plattsburgh for some Northway business. That is truly a lonely and good road, like Northern Maine. Hit all the places by Exit 37. Got some good probable and made a sale in Ausable Forks Village. Took the really treacherous back route around Whiteface, ostensibly to avoid Placid traffic, through Franklin Falls. It was exciting but there were a lot of wet leaves on the road, fall is here!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Old Forge to Tupper

This weekend I really worked hard. Started in Northville for NYRoute30 and went like a banshee all the way to Old Forge for NYRoute28. Blue Mountain Lake has a BBQ fish fry place, some guy from North Carolina patched a trailer to a cabin and runs a little restaurant right there on NY 28 & 30 just east of the stop sign. In Old Forge, OF, I camped out west of town off the old road grade, now snowmobile trail. It was okay but yesterday Ranger Rick paid me a visit, told me to clean up(as if someone had to remind me) and I was camped to close to the trail. At least he didn't harp on the latter point. A lot of bear hunters were out in OF. Hung around the indispensible all night Fastrac gas station/convenience store. Met a lot of locals and tourist. They are a lot friendlier in OF and NYRoute28 in general. My url posters get ripped down in 2 days in Lake Placid but the ones I put a month ago up in OF and environs are still there. But I wish friendliness translated into more business. I canvassed 50+ places. Now I am at the Park Motel in Tupper Lake and am heading to Saranac Lake.