Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More car hassles

Since I can't find a reasonable repair manual for the junkbox, I ordered this All Data account for a year for the Eagle. Trouble shooting some more confirmed that it was the fuel pump. Thank god Geon came up with a pump for $75, about 1/7 the normal list price of the non-available dealer pump. So tomorrow, I drain the tanks, thank god Jap cars have drain plugs, and pull the tank. Hope to get some re-enforcement. Soon, I will be back on the road and out of the Albany hell hole!

Well, the pump didn't cure the problem. I never checked for a spark, rank amateur! The distributor was shot, but thank god I bought it less than a year ago so Geon took it back and gave me another. That worked! But the plugs were shot and a wire broke, but I discovered an extra set of wires and plugs in the garage! Now it runs better than ever after I reset the timing.

Car is being uncooperative

I was doing the brakes yesterday, all four disc. The rear rotors were really pitted and couldn't be turned, but at $80/piece special order, I decided to suffer with the old ones. It's just the rear brakes. After I finished, I went for a drive on the lower Northway to break the brakes in a bit: speeding up to 70 then braking it down to 55. I got about 3 miles when I lost all power, no gas getting to the motor, so I ditched it at mp 6.4, right before the nb Alt 7 West entrance ramp. I walked a mile along the shoulder south until I could find a spot in the fence line where some trees grew through and I could hoist my big bod over the fence. Then, there was the hour and a half wait at Wal Marts for Eileen to pick me up. What a zoo scene it was in front: these cheer leader moms had their progeny mob both sets of doors with big jars and cans, beseeching patrons for $ for their cheerleading outfit. The moms wanted the brats to pull in $1/minute, soliciting at its finest.
So later, after Eileen picks me up, we use her AAA to get the Eagle back home. I then pulled the old fuel filter out and it seemed plugged so I went to bed happy, after a good shower, thinking that a $20 filter will get old Bess back on the road. So today, I road my bicycle down to the parts store and picked one up, but no dice. I think it's the pump, but considering that car was sold as a Plymouth and Dodge Colt Vista, Eagle Summit and Mitsubishi Expo at the same time, there is no good repair manual for this odd ball junkster. So I guess it's the pump, @ $200. Tomorrow, I will see if there is the usual Jap car access panel, in the back, to get to the fuel tank so I don't have to pull the whole tank, unlike crummy American cars.