Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

With such beautiful weather and lush foliage, but the black flies, skeeters and other insect denizens are alight. Went up to Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lakeand drove around a bit on those rutted out roads and took a slew of new digital pics, have my good camera back this weekend, can't wait!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oy Vey, what a beautiful day!

It was a great one, starting at 3 am. Working like a dog on Guido's new site as well as revamping my babies. Then I went up Malone way to go turkey hunting. Ended up in Bangor and Westville, but everywhere I went in the farm back country there were road crews doing backed up repairs and maintainance. Scared all the birds away. It was a true green Kodak day, great for my little Walmart cheepo. Green also for growth after all the good rains. But the bugs are out, ready to eviscerate you!

Then I gravitated towards the Mohawk Res then Robert Moses Park and the Power Dam and the Eisenhower Lock at the top of NY State. They closed the visitors center at the dam, it's a Post 9/11 world, whatever that meant. Do they think anyone could devise a bomb to take the dam out, or are they protected from kamikaze airliners from Canada maybe? If some muslim jihader jerk had a nuke, he's going to blast NYC, DC or Philly, not Massena. Don't see any flak or SAM batteries by the international dam. THe new visitors center is on Hawkins Point, by the boat launch. Pretty lame compared to the old one which was open two years ago.

Then I explored old Massena. Looped down NY 56, checked out Norwood village, I added a page just for massena and robert moses.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back to Canton

Went back up to St. Larry County today, to check out Canton during a business day and get some more shots. Of course, I only have my basic but utterly useful Polaroid and not my zoom Olympus, which is back in Albany, mailed from the ripoff factory repair shop. The Polaroid was the cheapest camera at Wal Mart and recharges itself off the USB cable from the computer, saving tons on AA cells. St Lawrence County is a great place to drive, all the roads are tons of fun. I took some county and town roads in Parishville and came into Colton the back way. Canton seems like a cool place, people were receptive to what I was doing, hope it translates into some business.
Downtown Canton

Then I hit ole Saranac and Lake Placid tonight. Did some fishing down at the big state landing and campground on NY 3, about 3 miles west of 45 zone. Had some local take a snap of me in downtown Placid. Don't forget to check the tires, my two left ones are weak and I can't afford to get a whole new set now. Maybe I should be like the average slob and drive around with dirty windows, lights out, bald low tires, bad struts, no emergency brakes like so many other "motorists".
Me in Placid at night

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dazed in Tupper

It's in the am and it's snowing, with s stiff NW wind to boot. This weather is truly Adirondack! Today will be a work day.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Huntin', Fishin', Campin' in the Rain

Checked out Port Kent, on Lake Champlain, finally. Got a campground like 2 miles west of there, by Ausable Chasm, but until yesterday never had been there, even had a page on too!. Went down the hill, crossed the tracks by the bus stop like rr station and drove down to the beach by the Vermont ferry landing, which opens May 30. Camped out at end of the lot by some trees near the water. Woke up next to this seaplane, cool. yellow seaplane in Port KentDidn't even pitch the tent, it didn't rain till noon. Ausable Chasm was intense with all the rains.
Ausable Chasm high flow

then I went up the hill to Wickham Marsh State Wildlife Management Area, on NY 373, for some turkey hunting. Had the whole place to myself. Like I said b4, it rained at noon, which is the end of the Spring turkey hunting day, 1/2 b4 sunrise - 12 PM. Drove into Ausable Forks, tried to get some business. Thank god they fixed NY 86 through High Falls Gorge, even did some fly fishing on the Ausable in the special no kill zone. I was wearing standard webmaster garb while these fishermen dressed like commandoes on a mission in the Amazon or soemthing.

Ferry landing