Monday, May 30, 2005

Fascist Nannies Rule

The latest series of brutally obnoxious public service ads concern the latest DOT inspired police dragnet of the heinous criminals who don't wear seatbelts. I think the seatbelt laws, initiated by the chief fascist nanny of them all, Mario Cuomo, back in 1994, are the penutimate expression of fascist nannyhood. Fascist nannyhood is the unholy collusion of doctors, mothers, safety wonks and cops. They work on the principle that your personal health and safety is so important to them that they would beat, jail and fine you until you accept their cowardly neuroses. Somehow, the government, led by people who feel that they have to monitor your life, has assumed the role of everyone's hysterical mother. Instead of having and raising their own kids, they have adopted all of us involuntarily to be in their family. Don't get me wrong, I always wear my seatbelt. But I never felt that I had to impose by caution on others. Also, the government has some role: they mandated that the automakers install seatbelts; good, now they feel obligated in making us wear them; bad. Of course, the liberals are al for this, the conservatives are too chicken to buck their wives and the cops love another chance to pry into people's lives and make people miserable with a good excuse so fascist nannyhood marches on. Pretty soon, those that eat too many eggs and hotdogs and not enough vegetables will be jailed for their own good. Blubbering wives and indignant coronary doctors will testify at Senate hearings about these fat abusing junkies and the grief they caused. Good lord!