Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's Fall Now!

With all this rain, snow and cold, you know it. Looks like it's going to be a tough winter. Went out last night and built a fire and slept out in a remote part of Albany COunty. It was realy cool and bright once the fire died down and it cleared up. No bugs, so I slept under the stars. For all you outdoor types, Albany County, while being part of the Catskill-Helderberg, not the superior Adirondacks, foothills, is full of state forests for hunting, snowshoeing, camping, cross country skiing all through the south western part of the county, like Rensselaerville, Berne.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Free Email Accounts

with extensions, just email me with username and a pw, use link on top of page for squirrelmail access, ditto for the site, same deal but with a domain extension.

Now No.s 1 - 2 on Yahoo, MSN, & Google Search for keyword "Adirondack Northway"

Yes, after being buried in Google last month, at one point #80, I am number one with for search string "Adirondack Northway" on the search returns. Wouldn't one figure that a website utterly devoted to the "Adirondack Northway" would pull #1 on "Adirondack Northway" for Google and MSN Searches, #2 on Yahoo Search?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Yurt Raising

The lady who runs the most unique resort in the Adirondacks needed some help to erect her newest lodge, a 30' diameter yurt. The Mongols used yurts, they look like little circus tents. These are kits with insulated platforms. It has a pretty heavy duty wall fabric wrap-around plus an openable skylight. She rents out tree houses, cabins and yurts with no electricity but wood heat, gas stoves and battery/kero lamps. This in the off the path part of NW Fulton County, Bleeker. It was a big hoe-down with a combo of her guests, neighbors, fellows in Adk trekking meeting to put this big conical thing uo