Friday, October 10, 2008

Almanac Predictions

Colder than average winter, lot's of snow, get ready for that too, folks!

Getting Geared Up For Fall

Fall, My Fave Time of Year: Leaves, Hunting, Harvest

Okay it has been a bad year business and economy wise, plus I have vegged most of it in the capital district. But I am psyched now for some fall action and maybe some more business. At least the price of gas has dropped a bit. Now it's time for a new tent and a sportsmen license. There is supposed to be a bumper crop of turkeys this year, wanna get me one or two. Going to take my usual busman's holiday this weekend. My utterly brainless boring temp job could get along fine without me and since business and hours are slack there, good riddance. This is Colon's Weekend and I want celebrate a really intrepid explorer. Don't hand me any of this politically correct BS about Columbus, I just don't care. The Indians did't build the Northway, the Erie Canal or even the Waterline Railroad route. I earned a little vacation from the depressing reality around here. Here is a nice picture to calm all of you down:
Whiteface Mountain from Lake Placid Village
Whiteface Mountain from Lake Placid Village