Friday, February 25, 2005

Well, Thanks for the Mail

I mean I started this blog over 2 years ago to go with my Adirondack Trail project and never did much with it after I let things lapse for a while and went into urban-suburban vegetation mode and stopped haunting the woods. Then in the space of less than a week, I get three emails from my blog readers. That made me feel good, I didn't think anyone read that old blog, but I was wrong. For an update, I was up in the 'Daks mainly on business last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Heck, I managed to meet my expenses and a little more, even a couple for the NY Route 28 site. Incidentally, I bought the domain, to and redirected it back to Now it has symmetry with NYRoute30 site, wow! I am getting a new site going, this one focusing on the Northway, which is only 2 miles from home. Hopefully, it may bring some real money so I don't have to work this crummy job I have getting paid peanuts to do utterly boring MS Access work! I like being on the road, meeting people and getting into the woods, Maybe I'll spring for those snowshoes or new x-country skis this weekend and get out again and have some fun. My wife hates the winter so I'll have to go alone or find some new folks. Hey readers, keep the letters coming and I'll try to answer your questions and email you some pics!