Friday, February 28, 2003

And Now For Something Really Personal

Eileen & I got married last January 13th in St. Armands, north of Saranac Lake. It was -15F with alternate clear and whiteout conditions on the roads. At the town justice's house, we got married in our sox cause he didn't want us to track a ton of snow in on his new carpets. There's pictures to prove it. Tonight is my last night in my old Latham flat. Almost everything is gone except the bed, computer and stereo. I'll be living at her place for a while till we sort things out. But I'm right here doing my late night blogging thing all alone for the last time. I'm 44 but never been married before or even lived with a woman. So I'm enjoying a little freedom. We are absolutely loyal and loving but she knows I have to have my way as far as obnoxious blogging or Adirondack adventures go

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Update, like who cares!

On my last trip back from Tupper Lake, 2/22/03, I took a detour in Blue Mountain Lake and went to Inlet, about 35 miles west on NY 28. The town was having a party, including a bonfire, food and fireworks, at the town beach. I got their about 2 and used the temporarilly abandoned bonfire to do some cooking. It was real nice, thirty five and drizzle, the warmth was welcome. Hung around for the fireworks, they were great for a small town in the winter. The locals who threw the party were real nice. I pitched in as the chief fire tender, as usual. Like a moth, I love flames, unlike a moth, I don't burn. The town has a nice beach area and even rent out cottages, socialism. But it was slushy on the road, NY 28, from Raquette Lake to Wevertown. Dug a couple of Potsdam College kids out of a snow bank by North River. The warm weather halped out a lot, I cruised all around Friday to Saint Regis Falls and to Potsdam. On the trip up Wednesday night, 2/19, I took NY 12 through to Lowville, then NY 812 to NY 3 west through lower Saint Lawrence County. I wish it wasn't dark cause I never went that way before and it was some pretty intense countryside.