Saturday, December 24, 2005

Furry Little Friends

in Old Forge. Right after I took this shot, I got the Eagle stuck in the snowbank, right in front of the OF town garage. The crews quickly dug me out, thanks!

Old Forge winter deer

I drove up to Old Forge via the Thruway, 1-90 west and NY 28 from Herkimer, Thursday the 15th during the ice storm. I had no problem, getting off the Thruway in Herkimer was the best thing cause people are dumb on the Thruway. NY 28 was fine from Herkimer, and as I drove up the road, I realized just how lacking was; It was always the poor step-sister to the other two. I hadn't been that way in years and it was fine, except that I had to break the ice off my windshield every 10 miles. People up here were too scared to drive so I had NY 28 pretty much to myself, which is great. The snow removal there was barely adequate, nothing compared to NY 30 or the High Peaks routes like US 9, NY 3, 73, 86, where they keep the roads bare. My cellphone got left back home and I didn't call my motel buddy in Old Forge, so when I pulled in they already turned in. Not wanting to wake them, I camped out at Nick's Lake DEC campground, in the back of the Eagle. It wasn't cold but the ice and wind made it uncomfortable. An ice laden branch hitting the roof made me levitate an inch or two. I was happy for morning, as I drove down from McCauley Mountain in all the brand new heavy snow and ice. As I was working my way along the River road, I saw those deer, so I pulled over too suddenly and got my beast stuck; yet again wasting some town crews' time, about 3 minutes, to free here. I was so happy to get my room and warm up and shower. My friend Joe ran high speed into my room, it was heaven along with HBO!

Had some password problems with Blogger

Which I finally resolved. So now I can post again. I had this blog for as long as I had and I would really miss it if I couldn't figure it out.