Monday, December 30, 2002

Tupper Lake is Great!

On the way up, as I passed through Indian Lake, I got two in the hamlet! Great Omen! In Tupper Lake, I hooked up with the local CoC dude, and we hit it off good. I did much better. Went back to Darryl at his motel and showed him what I did on his wife's computer upstairs. He thought I was just trying to scam him the first time, but I impressed him and his family as I changed (800) to (866) in his ad right there, using IE 6 in ftp mode. Then I made it up to the border at Trout River. First was a late night drive for fun, then it was bizniz. On the way up on NY 30 north of Paul Smith's, I checked out some lodge that was sponsoring a sled dog competition. But once you broke out of the woods into the Northern, or Laurentian Plateau, it was like another country. Malone and north seem like the Great Depression never ended, poor and abandoned. Everyone talks like an English Canadian and are polite and slow. So I figured the only action was west on NY 37 to the Mohawk Rez in Hogansburg, where they have a long strip selling tax free tobacco, gas, clothes food. Compared to Malone, it was hopping! I met this guy who use to be head of the Akwasasne Mohawk CoC and he said come back after the holidays and he'd hook me up, hopefully!

Then I bought a laptop at the mall in Massena at Sears, of all places. I fired it up for the first time at a diner in the rez, but the stupid cd that had the site on it wasn't being read. So I had to activate the free 3 months AOL thing and download it over my motel room in Tupper Lake. It impressed people yesterday, I sold a couple, but it was fun firing the little expensive bastard at the bar to show them in real time. I tried the 32 Winchester lever of mine in some dustbowl field just shy of the Canadian frontier. I parked in some country pull off on a dirt town road near Fort Covington and a local stopped to see if I was some dirtbag dumping waste on the old farmer's land. I was cool with him and said that if I was a dirtbag who was dumping, I could find a place in Albany County to do it instead of driving 230 miles north in the Winter. I explained that the code of the road and the woods are mine too!

Thursday, December 26, 2002

22" at Albany International, White XMas!

No Rest Till Tupper Lake!

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Separated the wheat from the chaff in the snow

on this trip. I started from the Super 8 in J-Town and headed up to Wells, where I finally sold Kathy on her great general store. Then I did a little research for a mechanic friend of mine in Troy who complained about some bunghole customer and his old Jaguar. Seems everyone there agreed with my friend Pat. It was beatiful and warm, deer just strolling on the hamlet fringe like stray dogs. In Speculator, I met some crazy little woodswomen at a cool little lodge. Sure droned on for hours with some really funny 'Dak stories that made me laugh hard when I could follow her drunken narrative. There was a cool Jersey dude, his uncle had a camp up there for years and he just moved in the 'Daks after he got fired in NJ. Just us three and the staff in the snow!

Indian Lake is pretty slow, no business there. But I did okay in Long Lake, considering 3/4's of the town is empty. I met this one old guy who lost his license and was imprisoned for DWI. He was a remodeler, home builder type who journeyed around to various projects in the region. He got into fight and knew all the sheriffs, troopers and jails, just like Paul Newman in "Nobody's Fool". Then we went to the Adirondack Hotel, where they let us in an got free drinks and food. It was great! The guy taking care of the place just for the night bought in no problem. Just me and the locals while it snowed mad outside, wild! When i got to Tupper Lake through the drifts, it was past 11 pm. I found this one great motel where the old German couple just left keys out at night so you wouldn't wake them. They had all sorts of snacks in the waiting room all night.

Then some fascist Christian jerk, who owned the largest Christian website in the USA, he says, called me an incompetent fraud at the next motel south of mine in Tupper. Then in Saranac Lake, I met this yuppie jerk who controlled the Lake Placid, High Peaks web world, this for real! He laughed at my hick website and said it would never work. We'll see, yuppie cheese, like you're going to drive some dirt hill road in the winter for your biz! The the miserable bar wench, who owned the place, called me a fraud. I hate Lake Placid Saranac, if i needed that abuse, I would've stayed in Albany. Scotty, beam all those miserable phonies up out of there and beam down some woodchucks and country freaks.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Hunting Update

Tuesday was the last day of deer season. Sat in a great clearing on a ridge over looking the confluence of two streams and three trails. Two hours I sat on my butt in 15F while snow and Canadiam geese honked all afternoon above me. A bb gun or slingshot could've nailed them, they were so low! But I didn't get up once. I had only five slugs, not one shell of shot! My stand was 200 yards north of the north bank of the Hoosick River in Schagticoke, RensCo. The geese used it as a flyway between the cornfields and their river roost. It drove me nuts, when I got back to the car I checked the waterfowl regs and saw geese were open again. No deer this year, and I had the doe permit for 5N, northern RensCo, eastern WashCo, 25000 doe permits in that one zone alone!

Then yesterday Eileen & I went to NYC, via the MTA Harlem River line from North Brewster, off I-84. It had ample parking but not one other amenity. No station house or concessions stand, just a heated crossover to wait in. The station is out in nowhere between the malls and the village and you can't even get coffee! It was supposed to be a big deal when they built it in the 80's, it's junk, leave it to socialized, overpriced mediocrity mongers at the MTA! For all the suburban space, it's still a long walk to the car! Next time we'll use the cool little village station or go to Croton-on-the-Hudson, the line is electrified from North Brewster to Grand Central. Hint: Always go for electric commuter trains, much quicker and smoother than diesels. We talked with this E.E. and this old knickerbocker who ran fly fishing trips to Siberia and East Africa. Tried to sell him on! Grand Central is my favorite building in NYC, it's so grand (how lame an adjective!) and it connects to every building within 20 blocks via pedestrian tunnels! The pulse of the Big Apple's life is there! We went to the Diamond District and Times Square with my fiance Eileen. People looked at me and asked if I was duck hunting, "Dummies, ducks are closed, it's geese now!", they're so ignorant. 32F and people thought i was a bear cause my army jacket was unzipped! Played the hick-in-the-city to the max. Checked out the middle of Times Square for some digital shots during my lunch. The city was really nice and clean, except for the occassional ruffian or waif, and the people were interesting and nice, for the city!

Today, I went back to the same place, with the hatchet also and cleared out all the freaking thorny vines and other dead crap. I had this lame-o #6 steel shot junk that was less effective than a bb gun. Total waste, but at least I cleared a good ground stand behind this big blowdown's base. I bought this ultra high price bismuth, 3", 1 5/8 oz magnum loads for tomorrow, where its behind Grumme's garage over his pond after I do some repairs for him.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

tried to blog last night

at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown, but the Frontier Telecom internet Nazis installed this McCaffrey net nanny program on the terminal that blocked out all access. Even the manger of the motel doesn't know the pw. I stayed at the Super 8 across 30A from the Inn, so I only had to force the snow banks to get around, no all night cruises. With the bizniz rate and free local calls, plus HBO, the Super 8 is aok compared to the spartan accomodations up north. Rain most of the day, rain rain rain rain!!! All the weekend people seem to be turning back, who can blame them. Thank god for my Gore-Tex parka, greatest piece of outdoor clothing made! But i had fun. Stopped into this woodchuck bar in Saratoga County on 29 to give my pitch. I asked for the manager and the women behind the bar said he wasn't here as the music stopped between juke box songs, all fifteen folks there were staring at me. It was time to leave, so about-face goodbye, no pitch! Saw old Mah at her store, the last general store in Saratoga County, it'll be too bad if she closes. Bought a good, cheap camo fishing hat from her, great selection there.

People bitch about how complicated computers are. So is tv, from the trannies, receivers, studios, etc. But you buy a tube, plug it in and get the remote. How much grey matter does that take? Not much more with a computer.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Too lame and cold to travel

So I'm staying at home, endless tweaking out this blog and What dullness! Got a few licensed guides on the site now, via phone & email.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Another Day

My road trip down NY 8 was real desolate, compared to 8, 30's Broadway. Some hippy and his woodchuck buddies played head games with me in his bar near Piseco. They poured cream down my jacket sleeve, I got up and left, but didn't give the chucks the satisfaction of seeing me get angry. One of the chucks at the hippy's bar said he felt sorry for dweebs like me who sit in front of our monitors all day. As if he's a romantic working hero like a smoke jumper, locomotive engineer, fur trapper or wilderness tour guide. He sells junk food and gas, real heroic!

The next bar, in Ohio Town, Herkimer, was much friendlier. The owner is selling out, the APA has made life to difficult with all their granola-munching silly rules. I said you're preaching to the choir, get a 155mm howitzer and a few limbers of HE shells and tow it up to Ray Brook if you're so darn mad. Better yet, use the web and organize the whole 'Daks and change the rules legally. The whole problem in the 'Daks is everyone is so provincial: they can't think past their county line, if that far! To fight NYS, you have to have grass roots support, which is there! Computers are so cheap and easy to use these days, there's no excuse.

Thinking about Poland Village. People were real nice, not huggy 12 step dweebs. Everyone looked me in the eyes and they were friendly, but hard folks, especially the fine young lady who stopped on the street to give me directions. But Herkimer County seems really poor, Route 8 is so desolate, I could put every business there on one page. Note, whether from the east from 'Dam or the west from St Johnsville, the best way to get to 30A is to use NY Route 67. It climbs out of the valley on a long, easy grade, compared to the rest of the routes going from Fonda to Johnstown. 67 is Main Street in the City of Johnstown, but at night all the lights are flashing yellow, except at the eastern end at NY Route 30A. Definitely the fastest and safest way on a winter night.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Another Crazy Weekend in the 'Daks

Well, up all night, after blogging after the Holiday Inn. Went to my motel room got my gun and gear and went to Rockwood State Forest, junction NY 29 & 10A, but south of 29 where Southern Zone regular deer is still open. Pulled the Escort in on a x-country trail, where I got my pad and walked a half mile predawn to get in position. But after getting up after an hour of laying still to piss, i figured I blew it, so I went walking. I went exploring and got lost on some snowy trail. Ended up down the mountain, where, after I found a snowy dirt road, the first car, a guy in a Toyota 4 x 4 stopped. He's a local named Luke and took me 4 miles out of his way back to where I parked in the snowy woods. He even helped straighten my car so I could get back to 29. The fact that I had a 12 gauge Winchester pump didn't faze him a bit.

It was tough selling that day, but I soldiered through. I almost fell asleep driving from Johnstown to the motel in Northville that evening after dinner. Slept till 10 am, I needed it. I tried to help some jerk at the motel, to install a fuel filter correctly in his Ford Contour. There is a trick with the plastic hairpin clips you got to know or it might come apart and spray high pressure gasoline all over the motor. Ford fuel lines are flimsy, all that hard plastic crap. So I got too much into his space when I leaned over so he threatened to kill me. I told him he was a nasty jerk and when I checked out, I told the gapped tooth manager I'll go somewhere else if this is the kind of trash that comes here. Actually, that ugly, toothless, redneck, hippy dirtbag seems to be the manager's friend, he isn't even staying there! When I get home, I'm calling the owner in Albany and complain about those ignorant losers, after I sell him on my website.

So today I did better. Got Powerhouse Snowmobile and Jim's Bait Shop in Mayfield, first on the fishing and snowmobile pages. Then I checked into a motel in Wells and went cruising north on NY Route 30. After checking out all the bars on NY 30 and 8 west from Speculator. Along the way I stopped at a bar in Poland to get direction to an all night store. This utterly fine brunette walking on the village sidewalk stopped and gave me good directions, she was so nice and polite. Compare that to the brats around Latham and Colonie or Troy. I told her that she was a really good person, she was, and was a beaut too. Too far out from 30 and tired to give a pitch anymore, burnout! I ended up at an all night store in Barnveldt on NY 12, only 10 miles up this huge straight hill on a beautiful 4 lane road, NY 12 & 8, to Utica. Coasted almost 4 miles on a dead stick. I got 60 miles back to Wells, at least! So I weaseled my way into the Utica Best Western, where this way cool dude let me log on, 3 am! Maybe I'll sell the new motel owners in Wells on the plan tomorrow. the night clerk's brother is going to school in Philly to be a pro wrestler. Since I hate all pro sports, I said better to be an honest entertainer in the WWF than some pretensious hoop playing NBA thug in a Range Rover.

The most receptive people are the older folks, especially women. They're better educated and see the value of my plan. The young brats, most of them uneducated (so what they went to college, it's all neo-Marxist swats running the state's schools!), narrow minded and provincial, can't see what value I have. Sure they surf the web, but their computer use is totally superficial mouse clicking, couldn't write a line of code if their lives depended on it. I met some lady in Oneida County that I thought was 55, she's 42! Said she left Vermont after the gay civil ceremony law was passed. Said it was against God's will. She was too Christian to use a computer. But I explained that good Christians use the web. She was just too plumb ignorant! Reminds me when I went to the Christian lodge in Speculator, I told the guys that I was from the Nation of Islam and they must accept Allah and the Prophet or die an infidel's death! That was good for a few laughs. That's not what they teach you in Dale Carnegie though! They gave me a local phone book, what a help!

Friday, December 06, 2002

Snow Update

Blew up the Northway, I-87 to Ballston Spa, X 12. Route 67 was cool except for this incompetent coward doing 20 in a brand new Subaru Outback, a car I could 60 in the same weather. So I pulled a right flank manuever at the first light on Eastline Road, blew around her, cut her off and made the light while she sat there at the red. After B-Spa, I took about 4 more passes in the snow, great tires, and got to Broadalbin just in time for traffic court. I laid it on thick: Took my hat off, used "Your Honor" or Sir. While I waited, I ran over and washed some clothes. The DA let me plead to parking on the pavement, from 44 in a 30. What a break! I even started selling the judge on my website.

Then I checked in up in Northampton, and drove back to Johnstown to the all night Chopper for shampoo and shaving cream. After that, I went down to Fonda to watch freights on the mainline. One train had a bunch of cars with hotboxes (overheated bearing box of the cars axles) glowing orange. In the village, I parked by the 1836 Grecian Revival Montgomery County Courthouse, where I snapped some digital pics. A million crows were roosting in the trees all around! It was surreal with the snow and the high intensity lights. The roads are cool, they do a good job of snow removal in Fulton County. I'm using the lobby computer at the Johnstown Holiday Inn, where I just inquired about rates and internet access, even sold the night manager on! Well, I have to talk to the big cheese during normal people's hours, but the dude was way cool and is letting me blog.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Brand New Blog, devoted to chronicling what I do best, wandering around the Adirondacks

I got to go to village court in Broadalbin today. The village heroes got me doing 44 in a 30 on 2nd Street heading out to 29. It was a Friday evening during the first week of Northern Zone deer season. The village cops hang out on 2nd Street there right by the Fiber Conversion plant entrance, uphill from Stewarts. Got a hold of the judge via email yesterday and have to go today