Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Actually, I had a good time.

I found a cool place to camp near Schroon Falls. The waters in the lakes and rivers are now warm enough to swim, which really came in handy in this weather. I had some good luck and met some interesting folks, One lady in Newcomb really helped me out: she ran a B & B for people and horses, she kept them in the barn of course. She is setting me up to talk to the local chamber folk. So even though I didn't make a sale, I had a good time talking with her and watching her put the horses in the barn. It's not just the money that attracts me to this work. I also got a good swim in at the town beach, which is really nice, though technically it was closed. There was some NASCAR dad standing in the water up to his hams watching his kids play in the sand in the water. Dork, put on your suit and go for a swim with your kids too! My main problem was the weather: it was too hot and hazy and really screwed up the good scenery shots. By the way, the Northway is closed between Exits 23 & 25, check my site!