Wednesday, April 02, 2003

New Website, for NY 28

As if the 'Daks needed another site, but since I use NY Route 28 tons of times to get to Long & Tupper Lakes, it seemed logical. So check it out, NY Route 28: Central Adirondack Trail. I started out in Old Forge. Spent the night at the Watersedge Inn & Resort. Couldn't sell anything. The snowmobile season is over and it's all muck, thank god the 'Daks is more sand than mud and clay. I was in the Catskills and Columbia and Duchess Counties earlier this week and it's so much more muddier there, especially all that Catskill red clay. Half the places were closed and on vacation. The lady at the Old Forge library was a real help. She signed me up with a card real quickly and their internet didn't have the bullshit filter like other lame-o places. I was able to use IE 6, in FTP mode, to upload my new NY 28 files off of a disc that I burned in the hotel off of precious here. The only sale that i got was lunch from a deli who was already on NY Route 30.