Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spreading Havoc and Terror Throughout the Northern Midwest Heartland

Sold this electric mobility chair, the newest generation of battery powered chairs for the handicapped, to some guy in Madison Wisconsin. He said he'd pay me $400 extra if I personally delivered it. Whammo, another extended road trip. So I packed up my usual 'Daks camping gear and tools and set out after I completely rebuilt the right front end (strut, tie tods, bearing, ball joint, control arm) plus rear struts. Left Monday evening, got into Madison Thursday afternoon. Took tons of detours and US highways. So after Madison, I went north, up I-39, through WI to MI's Upper Peninsula, where I am now in a motel in Gladstone, MI, on Lake Michigan. Camped out all the other nights, pitching tents or just sleeping in the back of my Eagle, a last resort! Even though the Eagle provides more protection than a tent, I can never get a good night sleep in the back. There is just enough length if I stretch out diagonally with the seats pushed forward.