Saturday, September 03, 2011

Still Kicking

I am still alive and kicking and so are my sites. Last week the so called hurricane brought a flurry of activity to my Adirondack Northway Facebook page. Ironically for a storm was supposed to devestate the coast, Eastern Adirondacks and especially Vermont got washed with floods.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Been Busy Lately

Traveling all around the Dak's
Earlier this month I was up in the wild forest along the Hudson north of Lake Luzerne. There are a bunch of primitive campsites along the dead end road, on the uphill side. We picked on fairly decent one, #9. There was a memorial plaque there for a young woman who died last year. Slowly the story came back to me. She was campinig there in a tent, when a wind storm blew a tree over on here tent, right there in our site, and killed her. Real sad. A peaceful weekend doing nothing dangerous but one of mother nature's more innocuous creations falls on her. The place was okay but the already flooded out and rutted road had to put up with the rafting bus making a trip every half hour up the road to drop more tubers off to float down.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

More Changes

I ditched my old hosting account, Canaca, which I used for the last 7 years. They had become unreliable and expensive. Now you can get accounts for 6 dollars a month with unlimited databases and domains for the same money I was paying for 10 add-on domainss and 5 databases on an unreliable server. I took the time to change over the main domain name to from the original So now is a redirect to instead of the reverse. Also moved the NYRoute28 and NY Route 30 sites over too. I got a domain to go with that new hosting account,, which will soon become NY 73 and 86 to Lake Placid

Ballston Spa

Got a new page on my Northway site for Ballston Spa. All these years and I kept telling myself I would add it since it is right down the road from Saratoga Springs. Nothing too major, but what the heck?
factory on Kayderosseras Creek

Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Going

Lake GeorgeLake George

Up in Lake George Last Weekend

Took the weekend off to cash in on some free nights at my friend's motel, the Nassau in Lake George, no not in the lake, but the Town of Lake George. Took a great drive through Horicon to NY 8 then over Graphite Mountain down to Hague. It was blissfully low key as in this weather even the lumbering is at a stand still due to the thaw and mud, with NO tourist save a few day tripper to some party in the village.
top of Route 8 in Graphite