Saturday, March 29, 2003

Amber Alert, Watch for Terrorist

Especially the 44 year old white male crew cut campers. I was camped out in my little pup tent on some bare ground at the end of the plowed road at Hawkins Point in Robert Moses State Park, Massena, NY. I was maybe 3/8 mile from the Robert Moses International Power Dam on the St Lawrence Seaway across the ice and open water. So, I was just about to catch a couple hours sleep when two troopers, a St Lawrence County sheriff and a St Lawrence Power Authority pick up truck pulled up to my campsite. The freaking female trooper was a 100 percent nasty, hysterical beetch. She had her hand on her gun as I was lying half naked in my sleeping bag, shrieking at me, pawing through my tent like a bear in a dump. Does the picture need a caption? Can't the fascist sow see that I was just camping or is she so stupid?

Me: What's the beef?

Sow: What are you doing here?

Me: Camping!

Sow: There's a power dam and it's an amber alert.

Me: It would take an atom bomb to blow the dam, it's designed to with stand an earthquake at flood stage. Even if the tent, the car and me were filled with explosives, it would take a team a week to blow the dam, get real!

This Sow was unbelievable, She acted like she bagged John Dillinger or Osama Bin Laden. She's like asking me about my day's itinerary, as if she's really going to check it out. She was looking under my tent and in the pine tree's branches as well. Even the other trooper seemed embarassed to be with this pms bitch, though the old deputy seemed like an asshole too. So I packed my gear and spent the night at the motel above the truck stop on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation.

So if a 44 year old white male, crew cut and clean shaven can get rousted like that, then all the black, hispanic and muslim anti-profile whiners should shut up. If you ask me we need more profiling. All the terrorist are Muslims and mostly Arab. What profile did I fit, a patriotic Jew? Furthermore, if this is normal for our fearless anti-terrorism forced then we're all in danger from these dangerous incompetents.