Monday, December 30, 2002

Tupper Lake is Great!

On the way up, as I passed through Indian Lake, I got two in the hamlet! Great Omen! In Tupper Lake, I hooked up with the local CoC dude, and we hit it off good. I did much better. Went back to Darryl at his motel and showed him what I did on his wife's computer upstairs. He thought I was just trying to scam him the first time, but I impressed him and his family as I changed (800) to (866) in his ad right there, using IE 6 in ftp mode. Then I made it up to the border at Trout River. First was a late night drive for fun, then it was bizniz. On the way up on NY 30 north of Paul Smith's, I checked out some lodge that was sponsoring a sled dog competition. But once you broke out of the woods into the Northern, or Laurentian Plateau, it was like another country. Malone and north seem like the Great Depression never ended, poor and abandoned. Everyone talks like an English Canadian and are polite and slow. So I figured the only action was west on NY 37 to the Mohawk Rez in Hogansburg, where they have a long strip selling tax free tobacco, gas, clothes food. Compared to Malone, it was hopping! I met this guy who use to be head of the Akwasasne Mohawk CoC and he said come back after the holidays and he'd hook me up, hopefully!

Then I bought a laptop at the mall in Massena at Sears, of all places. I fired it up for the first time at a diner in the rez, but the stupid cd that had the site on it wasn't being read. So I had to activate the free 3 months AOL thing and download it over my motel room in Tupper Lake. It impressed people yesterday, I sold a couple, but it was fun firing the little expensive bastard at the bar to show them in real time. I tried the 32 Winchester lever of mine in some dustbowl field just shy of the Canadian frontier. I parked in some country pull off on a dirt town road near Fort Covington and a local stopped to see if I was some dirtbag dumping waste on the old farmer's land. I was cool with him and said that if I was a dirtbag who was dumping, I could find a place in Albany County to do it instead of driving 230 miles north in the Winter. I explained that the code of the road and the woods are mine too!