Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Kill Ugly Messenger Spam

After deluging us with spam emails, annoying browser pop-ups the advertising scumbags have found a new, more heinous method to annoy and harass you by making use of the Window's Messenger service. Originally, it was meant to be a tool where folks on a network and the network administrator could communicate with other network folks, like network will be down or back up your files, etc. But now it's being used to annoy you with sleazy advertising. The most frequent one is an ad to block these evil messages, naturally at a price. But that is just a waste of money. Go to start>control panel>adminstrative tools>services>messenger and alt-enter or right click to properties and you can turn it off free of charge in about 5 seconds. For further dope and more thorough instructions, check out this website.