Friday, December 06, 2002

Snow Update

Blew up the Northway, I-87 to Ballston Spa, X 12. Route 67 was cool except for this incompetent coward doing 20 in a brand new Subaru Outback, a car I could 60 in the same weather. So I pulled a right flank manuever at the first light on Eastline Road, blew around her, cut her off and made the light while she sat there at the red. After B-Spa, I took about 4 more passes in the snow, great tires, and got to Broadalbin just in time for traffic court. I laid it on thick: Took my hat off, used "Your Honor" or Sir. While I waited, I ran over and washed some clothes. The DA let me plead to parking on the pavement, from 44 in a 30. What a break! I even started selling the judge on my website.

Then I checked in up in Northampton, and drove back to Johnstown to the all night Chopper for shampoo and shaving cream. After that, I went down to Fonda to watch freights on the mainline. One train had a bunch of cars with hotboxes (overheated bearing box of the cars axles) glowing orange. In the village, I parked by the 1836 Grecian Revival Montgomery County Courthouse, where I snapped some digital pics. A million crows were roosting in the trees all around! It was surreal with the snow and the high intensity lights. The roads are cool, they do a good job of snow removal in Fulton County. I'm using the lobby computer at the Johnstown Holiday Inn, where I just inquired about rates and internet access, even sold the night manager on! Well, I have to talk to the big cheese during normal people's hours, but the dude was way cool and is letting me blog.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Brand New Blog, devoted to chronicling what I do best, wandering around the Adirondacks

I got to go to village court in Broadalbin today. The village heroes got me doing 44 in a 30 on 2nd Street heading out to 29. It was a Friday evening during the first week of Northern Zone deer season. The village cops hang out on 2nd Street there right by the Fiber Conversion plant entrance, uphill from Stewarts. Got a hold of the judge via email yesterday and have to go today