Friday, January 27, 2006

Tuned up the old beast

yesterday. Put a good high quality cap, rotor and Bosch 4 electrode Pt plugs in the old thing, 2.4 l, 16 valves, and she ran like a champ this time. Finally realized that the other Bosch plugs 2 electrode, Pt plug, were getting fouled up with soot. Also, put some shock bushings in as cushions for the 5/16" eyebolt that I was using to hold my Thrush® muffler to the bumper. Saves gas and ears, smooth purring!

My trusty 1995 Eagle Summit AWD Wagon, 2.4L, 5 spd.

Then I went for a starlight patrol of NY 3 & 30, the Sara-Tupper Speedway, to Saranac Lake to the only all night store in the Tri-lakes Region. It ran like a dream, with Beethoven's 9th, Ode to Joy and the highbeams on the whole time. NY 3 rules all other NY routes. It's simply the best road in design, scenery, challenge, and age. Ironically, I cover it from Plattsburgh to Wanakena on and

High Speed in Tupper Lake

Booted up the Northway/US 9. Got a new customer in Olmstedville, Muellers, who do heavy duty repair and towing, I mean the hard core stuff. Then it was through Schroon, No. Hudson to CR 84, Blue Ridge Road, to Newcomb and came into the Tupper the right way. Hooked up my new-used 16 port office switch for my friends Maggie and Jerry's Park Motel, so we can have CAT 5 high speed internet in their rooms. Will finish up all the receptacles and RJ-45 jacks by tomorrow .

High Speed in Tupper Lake

UPDATE: Sunday, 1/29

Job completed, 7 rooms wired.