Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorrry For the Hiatus

Though I have plenty of work here at home, really boring but fairly good pay, I have been doing a lot of travel in the last FOUR months that I neglected to post anything on this blog. Though I did update the living hell out of all three of my sites, including centering all the pages contents in the center as well as renaming pages and chasing down tons of broken links with my nifty simple free Xenu link checker program.
There were also plenty of trips up north too, for camping, hunting, business and general escape from reality of life around here. Labor Day weekend I did a road trip up to Sackets Harbor which is west of Watertown on Lake Ontario. My old time customers from Tavern at Schroon Lake have a bunch of restaurants like the Nottingham Chop House on Wolf Road, They had three up in Sackets Harbor which is a nice little lake side resort yacht type of village that was home to the US Navy back when British run Canada was an enemy. Or in the early 1800s in the days of wooden ships and iron men. So do we have wooden men now, or fiberglass carbon fiber ones crewing ships?
Sackets Harbor
Well I had fun shooting pics in all three restaurants as well as coming up with some better designs that have a management section where one can change the whole menu or the store hours from a back end, see Goodfellos. The new Nikon camera got a baptism then, for some better shots than that lame old olympus I had for years. I also camped out in some farmers field for a night, asked him, as well as skulked around Watertown on the NY 3 strip. Being on NY 3, it was natural that I double back to Tupper for at least some time.