Sunday, February 07, 2010

Friendly Signage

This was spotted at the end of a driveway leading to some horse paddock near Saratoga. Usually people aren't this friendly and kind around here:
horse farm near Saratoga
Then again, last October I was camping out around Old Forge, at the end of this town road by some fish and game club. Mind you, I was on the public side of their gate (the club btw leases their land from the town, so hardly very private), camped in the back of this clearing. Yet some fat arsehole in his oversized pick up had to put on his best redneck act and force me out because his lame club leased all the land from the river north. Like I was really taking up any space that he or his mates were trying to use or this was his own land. Don't get me wrong, people aren't usually like this up here. Unfortunately, you can find types like him everywhere.