Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Latest News Ho Hum

Snow at night on CR 84 in Blueridge, Essex County
Night Snow Drive

Latest News Ho Hum

A couple weeks ago went up to Tupper for a few days, but accomplished next to nothing as usual except for work on other stuff that I could have done anywhere. Now that I have the new computer running I don't feel bad taking the laptop and leaving Eileen without internet. The new desktop is great a quad core processor with 3.2 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, more than enough. But it has Window Vista which takes a little getting used to.

The highlight of that trip was some nice fresh snow, fluffy and cold, perfect for cross country skiing, I just went down to the school on the village line and skiied along the trails between the school and the museum, nothing too radical but a good workout and easy to get too. Thank god I invested in those snow tires at the end of last year cause the drive there and back was in some snow but without any problems.

Went to Old Forge and beyond a couple Sundays ago. No good business but at least my friend Bob was there at the Strand Theater and was willing to give me passes for an ad. Compared to everyone else that was great. That is a great place and it's nice to see some owner operator who cares running a movie theater, not one of those mills in the malls.