Friday, March 10, 2006

Southern Adirondack Trail is now part of NYRoute28

Go to my new URL, I cover the whole Southern Adirondack Trail, mainly NY Route 8 from Speculator to Little Falls, Herkimer. Plus I cover NY Route 8 from Wells to Loon Lake too.

Spark Plug Tips

Avoid all those Bosch 2 and 4 electrode Platinum, Pt, plugs. They always foul. So I switched both my wife's Camry and my boat to NGK Iridium, Ir, plugs. These Iridium plugs are tops!

Help New York State Out!

Eliminate a wasteful, duplicative political entity, the utterly pointless village government of Speculator. My friend Bob at the Cedarhurst Motor Lodge is passing out petitions to dissolve the village government and do everything through the town as to eliminate utterly pointless duplication, not pointless from the view of the people on the ville's payroll who live off the villages 300 odd registered voters.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Small Town Petty Police Tactics

The folks in Saranac Lake thought they could have one good weekend this dismal winter during their winterfest a couple weekends ago. But Eliot Ness and Thomas Dewey in the S.L. Police and the Franklin County DA figured it was time to enforce the petty underage drinking laws. They sent a man, woman and two kids, posing as a family, to old fashioned good restaurants and when the lady ordered a glass of wine with her meal, they arrested the waitresses and owners for serving a 20 year old. Needless to say, they hit the bars too during the rush and bagged a total of 11 places. They even arrested some prison guard officer's daughter too, for selling beer in the supermarket to the DA's rats. This is so petty and fascist, but it's not hard to believe. We've become a nation of fascist puritans, where "freedom loving" folks are just dying to let the police eavesdrop their phones, search their cars and houses and drug test them without question. Sounds like model Soviet citizens to me. But the good folks of S.L. are fighting back by demanding separate jury trials, as to tie the arseholes in the DA up with over twenty trials in a town that now hates them.