Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Kill Ugly Messenger Spam

After deluging us with spam emails, annoying browser pop-ups the advertising scumbags have found a new, more heinous method to annoy and harass you by making use of the Window's Messenger service. Originally, it was meant to be a tool where folks on a network and the network administrator could communicate with other network folks, like network will be down or back up your files, etc. But now it's being used to annoy you with sleazy advertising. The most frequent one is an ad to block these evil messages, naturally at a price. But that is just a waste of money. Go to start>control panel>adminstrative tools>services>messenger and alt-enter or right click to properties and you can turn it off free of charge in about 5 seconds. For further dope and more thorough instructions, check out this website.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Haven't blogged in for a while. Pretty much found out a brutal fact, most ADK tourist type small businesses are part time, especially mine. So I've been doing some odd .html and javascript programming as well as fixing cars for Grumme Used Cars. Since I live in Albany County< I've been checking out the southern part of my county and Greene County. It's pretty cool drive out there, north of the resort belt. Been doing my NY Route 28: Central Adirondack Trail thing but business is sparse now. Lots of rafting along NY 28, and it's an easy drive into Warren County up the Northway. Found some cool places to camp around 13th Lake. Checked out my favorite campsite at the rr station at Horseshoe Lake on my last time up to Tupper Lake. I was alone at the lake for once, it was great.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

New Website, for NY 28

As if the 'Daks needed another site, but since I use NY Route 28 tons of times to get to Long & Tupper Lakes, it seemed logical. So check it out, NY Route 28: Central Adirondack Trail. I started out in Old Forge. Spent the night at the Watersedge Inn & Resort. Couldn't sell anything. The snowmobile season is over and it's all muck, thank god the 'Daks is more sand than mud and clay. I was in the Catskills and Columbia and Duchess Counties earlier this week and it's so much more muddier there, especially all that Catskill red clay. Half the places were closed and on vacation. The lady at the Old Forge library was a real help. She signed me up with a card real quickly and their internet didn't have the bullshit filter like other lame-o places. I was able to use IE 6, in FTP mode, to upload my new NY 28 files off of a disc that I burned in the hotel off of precious here. The only sale that i got was lunch from a deli who was already on NY Route 30.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Amber Alert, Watch for Terrorist

Especially the 44 year old white male crew cut campers. I was camped out in my little pup tent on some bare ground at the end of the plowed road at Hawkins Point in Robert Moses State Park, Massena, NY. I was maybe 3/8 mile from the Robert Moses International Power Dam on the St Lawrence Seaway across the ice and open water. So, I was just about to catch a couple hours sleep when two troopers, a St Lawrence County sheriff and a St Lawrence Power Authority pick up truck pulled up to my campsite. The freaking female trooper was a 100 percent nasty, hysterical beetch. She had her hand on her gun as I was lying half naked in my sleeping bag, shrieking at me, pawing through my tent like a bear in a dump. Does the picture need a caption? Can't the fascist sow see that I was just camping or is she so stupid?

Me: What's the beef?

Sow: What are you doing here?

Me: Camping!

Sow: There's a power dam and it's an amber alert.

Me: It would take an atom bomb to blow the dam, it's designed to with stand an earthquake at flood stage. Even if the tent, the car and me were filled with explosives, it would take a team a week to blow the dam, get real!

This Sow was unbelievable, She acted like she bagged John Dillinger or Osama Bin Laden. She's like asking me about my day's itinerary, as if she's really going to check it out. She was looking under my tent and in the pine tree's branches as well. Even the other trooper seemed embarassed to be with this pms bitch, though the old deputy seemed like an asshole too. So I packed my gear and spent the night at the motel above the truck stop on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation.

So if a 44 year old white male, crew cut and clean shaven can get rousted like that, then all the black, hispanic and muslim anti-profile whiners should shut up. If you ask me we need more profiling. All the terrorist are Muslims and mostly Arab. What profile did I fit, a patriotic Jew? Furthermore, if this is normal for our fearless anti-terrorism forced then we're all in danger from these dangerous incompetents.

Friday, February 28, 2003

And Now For Something Really Personal

Eileen & I got married last January 13th in St. Armands, north of Saranac Lake. It was -15F with alternate clear and whiteout conditions on the roads. At the town justice's house, we got married in our sox cause he didn't want us to track a ton of snow in on his new carpets. There's pictures to prove it. Tonight is my last night in my old Latham flat. Almost everything is gone except the bed, computer and stereo. I'll be living at her place for a while till we sort things out. But I'm right here doing my late night blogging thing all alone for the last time. I'm 44 but never been married before or even lived with a woman. So I'm enjoying a little freedom. We are absolutely loyal and loving but she knows I have to have my way as far as obnoxious blogging or Adirondack adventures go

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Update, like who cares!

On my last trip back from Tupper Lake, 2/22/03, I took a detour in Blue Mountain Lake and went to Inlet, about 35 miles west on NY 28. The town was having a party, including a bonfire, food and fireworks, at the town beach. I got their about 2 and used the temporarilly abandoned bonfire to do some cooking. It was real nice, thirty five and drizzle, the warmth was welcome. Hung around for the fireworks, they were great for a small town in the winter. The locals who threw the party were real nice. I pitched in as the chief fire tender, as usual. Like a moth, I love flames, unlike a moth, I don't burn. The town has a nice beach area and even rent out cottages, socialism. But it was slushy on the road, NY 28, from Raquette Lake to Wevertown. Dug a couple of Potsdam College kids out of a snow bank by North River. The warm weather halped out a lot, I cruised all around Friday to Saint Regis Falls and to Potsdam. On the trip up Wednesday night, 2/19, I took NY 12 through to Lowville, then NY 812 to NY 3 west through lower Saint Lawrence County. I wish it wasn't dark cause I never went that way before and it was some pretty intense countryside.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

War on (Islamic) Terrorism: Two NY State Views

    New York City Trendy

  • Gotta get gas mask and cipro.
  • I'm scared of high rises.
  • All these weapons are scary, we need more arms and gun control.
  • Do any of those Muslims walking around here have a bomb strapped to them?
  • Shit, can't park anywhere near anything important
  • I hope they don't attack us again!
  • Bush and Sharon are just as bad and the Christians should quit egging on the Muslims, you gotta respect other cultures.


  • Shit, when are those fairies going to shut up so we can blast those towel heads and get our boys back quick.
  • Gotta get more ammo and some tnt.
  • They attack us with airplanes and human bombs and those liberals are crying about handgun control, get a grip!
  • I hope they come up here, the hunting seasons are closed and I want to try the new Mini-30 I got for Xmas.
  • Shit, in Albany they got all the good parking blocked off by the capital.
  • After we finish off Iraq, its (Saudi Arabia, North Korea, France) next, we're on a roll!
  • Personally I don't care if they worship Satan himself, but those towel heads better learn to respect other cultures, like ours!

Gettin Stuck, Upstate Style

I went for a little drive up the Adirondack Northway, I-87 north, from my Albany suburb of Latham to Warrrensburg in Warren County. After getting the twin essentials of gas and coffee at the all night Cumberland Farms(I love good chain gas/conveniences like them, only our free enterprise system can produce this, imagine the Soviets!) Cut to the chase: I got stuck on a seasonal town road in the Town of Stoney Creek, Warren County in the S.E. corner of the Adirondack Parks. In case you didn't know, there's tons of snow and -25F temps these days. Seasonal road means no winter maintenance so it' doubles as part of the local snowmobile trail network in the winter. So, I found that my all-wheel drive Eagle Summit doesn't cut it on uphill narrow snowmobile trails and got stuck about 4:30 AM. So I roughed it in the back till about 8:30, always have blankets and sleeping bags with me. The first guy I met was pretty disabled so all he did was drive me into the hamlet to the general store, Emericks. I warmed up on cafe and a breakfast sandwich. The lady who ran it presented my dilemma to the local workers. After it warmed up to about -5F, the lady told me to walk down the road to the Town of Stoney Creek Highway yard. But another one of Emerick's customers picked me up in his Jeep Cherokee and we almost got the Eagel free with a tow chain until he almost got stuck and I ditched it again. So we went back to the Town of Stoney Creek Highway yard and got the supervisor on the case. Since it was a town road, he felt obligated to help unstick me. So he sent a payloader up there after we mounted chains on it. But the payloader almost got stuck and had to turn around, tearing up the trail with his 30 ton rig. Then the guy with the Jeep got come-alongs from the Town of Stoney Creek Highway Department and he got me out of the frozen rut and I got it about 150' downhill till it ditched again. So I went back and tried to enlist more help. Then I returned to my stuck Eagle, built a fire and ate lunch and read. Then the Warren County Sheriff and the Town of Stoney Creek Highway Supervisor drove up to the end-of-plowing turn around and ambled up. The supervisor had a 3/4 ton diesel 4x4 Ford pickup and he got me me with a chain, three times! till I was free. My new wife was understandably angry and releived when I finally called her in Warrensburg from the Cumby's where I filled up at 4:00 am. It was five pm then!

This is how you get treated in the Adirondacks when you are stranded. People are so cool up there. Even the sheriff was helpful and all he did was check my plates; no snooping or let's see some i.d. crap like the assholes around here. In the Capital District, most people are assholes period. Most of them work for the state and they have sort of a Mandarin attitude with pygmy brains and surely demeanor. My throttle cable snapped in the middle of US 9 a mile from here and not one lazy asshole got out to help. Around here, I'd have to pay some local wrecker shyster to yank me out and the cops would be itching to write tickets and harass me. The highway supervisor there just asked me to vote for him if I ever moved up there; sure thing, vote early, vote often! He even told the people who maintained the snowmobile trails to lay off since it was his road not their trail. I gave the jeep guy a good old pair of ski gloves to assuage my guilt at tying up about 10 man-hours of local labor. It's the cool rural parts of New York State that I love, we all hate the city types and all the lawyer/psychiatrist/social worker/leftist radical crap that emanates from our state's more notorious cities. DOn't you just hate it when some flatlander acts like you should know some goombah in Nassau County.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

The Freeze is On!

Took a Subaru down to Noo Joisey for Grumme, well my new bride drove it as I folllowed in the Billy Goat. Of course, the Rhodes Scholar Grumme got Nob Hill spelled as Kob Hill in Roseland Township, NJ. So Mapquest gave me Cobb Terrace, but we psyched it out with help of a street resident. Then we overshot the turn by a couple miles an not one of the immigrant gas jockies ever heard of this huge Nob Hill townhouse project. I turned up a service track and saw three deer, right there in the heart of the suburban-urban sprawl. Compared to this, Cohoes is the deep woods. It turned out this Tzui was actually a J.A.P., well not really but being negative never the less. I saw the mezzuzah on the door and said to her husband that I expected a Chinese woman not a Yid. He was cool and was relieved. I mounted the four tires on it and checked it out good before we left Glenmont, NY. I guess they figure that when you buy a car from Upstate NY, they send the mechanic in camo with his wife to deliver it. The Billy Goat ran like a pro but guzzled gas, with the NJ Hunting Club-Adirondack Chapter bumper sticker.

You always know when you get to CT, the speed limit drops. CT is such a kill-joy state that for the 1/2 mile that I-684(from White Plains to Brewster) crosses into Greenwich, CT, the dicks posted it at 55, while the NY stretch is 65. I-84 still sucks cause CT does everything on the cheap and we all pay triple for it, especially that road thru Danbury and the rest of the cities.

Monday, January 20, 2003


The last two trips I returned via NY 73 to the Northway. I slept a few hours in the trailhead parking lot in Keene Valley. What really impressed me, besides the -30F cold was the droves of snow shoers and mountaineers in force. Someone was actually waiting for my space as I pulled out. Back in the day, there might have been two cars max in the winter. Now, it's a road not a trail into the High Peaks year round

Latest Update

Last Sunday, not yesterday, I drove out to first Booneville and Tug Hill to really see snow. Did I! It was like a sled in the old Escort, when I opened the door, snow blew in. I spent the night skulking around Booneville, skiing in the parking lots while the snow never stopped. I found a wash bay place that was still under construction. But it was cover and had a heated concrete slab! Still, it was a rude awakening at 10F below. Then I drove through to my NY 30 via old NY 28 in Blue Mountain Lake. There must have been five thousand sledders in Old Forge-Thendara. In the hamlet I stopped for gas and coffee. Someone ran in and said there were sleds on fire so I paid and raced down NY 28 to the flames a block away. Some Moe & Rons from Rochester put a kerosene-electric torpedo to heat up a plastic, rubber gas and oil filled snowmobile, fairly predictable. Four uninsured, gassed up sleds blew between two old wooden houses. Lucky we got it out before any of the houses were damaged. The column of black smoke and orange flames were quite impressive, but unlike the movies. In the movies, when gas tanks blow, they pep it up with a few pounds of C-4. Face it, sledders are dumb! The sleds were a total slag heaps when the flames were doused. Old Forge was quite depressing, it's a huge resort town crawling with Jerseyites.

But once I got into Hamilton County, the scenery and road got better. Not muched happened, except Eileen and I got married in Saint Armands on Mt. Pisgah in the justice's house in our socks. It was a ten below white out day, normal Saranac Lake. The Escort's right rear strut tower rusted out and it blew through the speaker above it. I nursed it home carefully on a cold slushy night. Now I have the Eagle Summit. With all wheel drive, 2.4 liter 16 valve 4 banger and five speed, it eats up the backroads in comfort compared to the Escort. The Escort was a great simple car that got always better than 30 mpg, but it was simple. Which was a virtue for repairs but not for comfort. Parts for that Escort were always the cheapest.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

To all three readers, I'm sorry

I know there's woodchuck with a Blueberry® out there logged on! I couldn't blog up in the 'Daks, because internet access is limited in the Northern 'Daks. They don't even have an internet cafes like in Killington, Vermont, not even upscale Lake Placid. I bought a Compaq laptop in Massena and it improved business 100%. IE 6 and Edit Plus pop up on start up so all I do is turn it on and let it boot and I can show them what's happening off my hard drive copy. But I had to sneak around the lobbies of Placid's better hotels looking for an open RJ-11 jack to exploit the free 3 months AOL deal to upload my most current files. I ruled this time. I spent a night in a Bavarian chalet inn and was fed an authentic German meal just for helping the inn frau with her website's keywords and showing her a few IE 6 and Edit Plus tricks. It was the best night's room & board that I ever got! Then she bough an ad to boot! I rule! Don't brag and get egotistical Jeremy!

Left New Year's Eve and almost got it on the Adirondack Northway north of Exit 29 on black ice. Some Jersey kid was in the median's ditch in his rear wheel drive Aerostar van with bald tires. He said to give him a pull with a strap, I said you need a ten ton winch. What does some dumb Jersey college kid know about cars and winter? Such ignorance, thanx to our mediocre education system. He was going to pay a surprise visit on his girl in Montreal. I feel sorry for the Jersey people, maybe there's something in the water. "I Love NY" maybe corny, but NY has 10000x to offer than Sopranoland. Brooks Shields say "NJ & You", down with both! It was so slippery when I got out to heIp the dweeb that I fell flat on my ass in the middle of the Northway at 2:00 AM! I waited for the trooper and the salt truck to come by and I followed the salter off the Northway. US 9 and NY 73 were like a pretzel by the time I got there!