Friday, July 31, 2009

A Pleasant Picture

I took this years ago with my cheap but good first digital camera. I think it was shot up in Saranac Lake, but who cares?
That little camera was great, it fit snug in my pocket until one day I went for a swim with it in the Schroon River.

Latest trip

Just spent three days camping out, more like working up by Schroon Lake at everyones' fave free site by the falls. I had a new set of brochures to pass out, and I did a lot of brochure dumping all through the area. It really helped to impress the old customers who may have been hestitating before another season to see some solid paper products too. Found two whole fishing poles snorkeling in the Schroon River by the falls, one of them for a local who droppped it earlier then asked me to find it. The other I found at dusk during an sfter dinner swim, that one was for me. Went all the way up to 33, past Lewis, to check things out then back again, passing out brochures everywhere.

Flag Rock in the Median Strip