Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back in Tupper

Took the Blue Ridge, CR 84 route to Newcomb this time, hugging the Northway for my poor strut's sake. Great road, but some heaves on the top in the s-curve section, had to cool it for a while. Went to the end of Sabbatis Road, taking my old fave, NY 30 from Long Lake. Weird weather as usual

Sunday, March 19, 2006

NY 8, NY 365 Recon

Went all the way down NY 8 from Spec today and circled around the Stillwater Resevoir on NY 365 then looped back through Barnveld and Poland.Park sign on Ohio-Norway town line on NY 8 Took over 200 pictures, unfortunately, it was with my shrimpy little camera. The one above is the Park's boundary sign on Ohio/Norway border. The good one should be back from warranty work this week. Keep the trails open in the Saratoga County 'DaksBlew out my right front strut the other day on a seasonal road's hugh frostheave I didn't expect. that happened right after the picture I took after the log I chopped out. The struts are guaranteed for life, but I'll have to do the work, naturally! They are on order and I'll have to pay for them until the mfg'er ok's it. Till then, taking it easy around bumps and left hand turns.