Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mission Statement

I started these websites to combine some Adirondack adventures with some business. I do try hard for the business. If it was only business, I could do better at almost any job. It's doing what I like; web design, exploring, camping, the Adirondacks, and checking out all these places of business and other nooks and crannys all through the park. And the best way to do this is to drive around and solicit business. Plus, that means you meet and interact with people. If it was all the Benjamins I ain't making, I wouldn't do this. It's fun and rewarding. For example, I have to pick this transmission from a Quebec junk yard, up in NW Vermont. So, now, I will circle Lake Champlain to the north on US 11 and hit all the towns on the nrothern plateau like Moerrs, Champlain. Places I have pages but no content. Plus, I haven't been north of Exit 39 yet, in the lifespan of this site.
I am meandering, the mission is to patrol and report about the Adk north country on-line,

After the Rains

During all this rain we had, i got a nice flat, a broken off cotter pin this time. I plugged it right on the axle on Albany-Shaker Road with my plug kit. At least the cop stopped to throw some light and talk to me. None of the Capital District troglodytes driving by could be bothered to at least ask, as opposed to the 'Daks where almost everyone would have stopped. Next day, I went to Walmarts for tires. The jerks there take about 2 hours to mount and balance 4 tires, giving me all sorts of grief about how tight my lugs are. At first they refused to take the lug off, claiming it might break, they don't fix lugs, yadda yadda corporate bs to the maz. I wasn't going to stand for this nonsense, I just took the wheel off last week and didn't want to hear any of Wal-Mart's corporate drivel. So I got right on the case, but ended up blowing another $15 on a set of new lug nuts, which wasn't such as bad idea. Kicked ass and took no prisoners on two new website jobs, a brand new one for capital region mica task force & the new look for Adirondack North Country Association