Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Various Trips this Fall

Though I haven't been posting, and spent a good chunk of time at home in this pathetic roadway of a town, I have done a lot of travelling this fall. I just got back from Tupper Lake, of course my wife's venerable old 97 Camry decided to pop either the crank or the camshaft seal today in the cold, so I left a wake of oil like a crippled ship all the way back home. But they are going to re-open Big Tupper Ski Resort the day after Christmas, if they get some more snow. I got some pictures, mainly mediocre, but I got a nice shot of Tupper Lake lake all frozen over at sunset.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorrry For the Hiatus

Though I have plenty of work here at home, really boring but fairly good pay, I have been doing a lot of travel in the last FOUR months that I neglected to post anything on this blog. Though I did update the living hell out of all three of my sites, including centering all the pages contents in the center as well as renaming pages and chasing down tons of broken links with my nifty simple free Xenu link checker program.
There were also plenty of trips up north too, for camping, hunting, business and general escape from reality of life around here. Labor Day weekend I did a road trip up to Sackets Harbor which is west of Watertown on Lake Ontario. My old time customers from Tavern at Schroon Lake have a bunch of restaurants like the Nottingham Chop House on Wolf Road, They had three up in Sackets Harbor which is a nice little lake side resort yacht type of village that was home to the US Navy back when British run Canada was an enemy. Or in the early 1800s in the days of wooden ships and iron men. So do we have wooden men now, or fiberglass carbon fiber ones crewing ships?
Sackets Harbor
Well I had fun shooting pics in all three restaurants as well as coming up with some better designs that have a management section where one can change the whole menu or the store hours from a back end, see Goodfellos. The new Nikon camera got a baptism then, for some better shots than that lame old olympus I had for years. I also camped out in some farmers field for a night, asked him, as well as skulked around Watertown on the NY 3 strip. Being on NY 3, it was natural that I double back to Tupper for at least some time.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Pleasant Picture

I took this years ago with my cheap but good first digital camera. I think it was shot up in Saranac Lake, but who cares?
That little camera was great, it fit snug in my pocket until one day I went for a swim with it in the Schroon River.

Latest trip

Just spent three days camping out, more like working up by Schroon Lake at everyones' fave free site by the falls. I had a new set of brochures to pass out, and I did a lot of brochure dumping all through the area. It really helped to impress the old customers who may have been hestitating before another season to see some solid paper products too. Found two whole fishing poles snorkeling in the Schroon River by the falls, one of them for a local who droppped it earlier then asked me to find it. The other I found at dusk during an sfter dinner swim, that one was for me. Went all the way up to 33, past Lewis, to check things out then back again, passing out brochures everywhere.

Flag Rock in the Median Strip

Friday, July 17, 2009

Been out of circulation

had a lot of work around here, besides the weather is really bad most of the time, constant raid. Honestly, while I don't have the enthusiasm I once had for the Adirondacks, I still care about the 'Daks and my site and customers, those I have left. Went for a small hike last month up near Bolton Landing on Lake George, Cat Mountain or something like that. It was fun to do some real hiking as opposed to aerobics or boring walks around here. Got a few great shots of Lake George too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mohawk River east of Little Falls

More Site Work

I haven't done much travelling at all. But I did spend a lot of time reworking my main sites. I downloaded the Xenu link checker from some german site, Xenu is some alien race from L Ron Hubbard's, of Scientology science fiction I found out.
What a mess my sites were, there were broken links galore. So I spent a good day or two, like 24 hours, re-doing tons of pages, including my snazzy dropdown menus which were putting bad links on all my pages. Then I went to town on my utterly bereft of business western part of the pages, like Herkimer and Little Falls, where I had no pics. So I took a drive out that way to mainly take pictures but I did try to drum some business up. But it looked like Hooverville out that way in the Western Mohawk Valley. At least it was a good crisp picture taking day so I got some decent digital shots.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Latest News Ho Hum

Snow at night on CR 84 in Blueridge, Essex County
Night Snow Drive

Latest News Ho Hum

A couple weeks ago went up to Tupper for a few days, but accomplished next to nothing as usual except for work on other stuff that I could have done anywhere. Now that I have the new computer running I don't feel bad taking the laptop and leaving Eileen without internet. The new desktop is great a quad core processor with 3.2 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, more than enough. But it has Window Vista which takes a little getting used to.

The highlight of that trip was some nice fresh snow, fluffy and cold, perfect for cross country skiing, I just went down to the school on the village line and skiied along the trails between the school and the museum, nothing too radical but a good workout and easy to get too. Thank god I invested in those snow tires at the end of last year cause the drive there and back was in some snow but without any problems.

Went to Old Forge and beyond a couple Sundays ago. No good business but at least my friend Bob was there at the Strand Theater and was willing to give me passes for an ad. Compared to everyone else that was great. That is a great place and it's nice to see some owner operator who cares running a movie theater, not one of those mills in the malls.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Weekend in Lake George

Finally got out of town for a weekend up in Lake George. What a waste. The place was totally dead, no business anywhere. It doesn't help that the unemployment rate in the Glens Falls area is the highest in the region.

Then I wanted to get out in the morning and go cross country skiing. For a village/town that spends millions promoting tourism, they had NO ski trails what so ever. I went to Glens Falls, the old mill town, who has a beautiful set of groomed and lit trails, 5 miles of them in Cole Woods aka Crandall Park. Figure that one out! It's right off of US 9 in the north part of the city by the Y, there is even a trail beneathe the Northway. It's between Exits 18 and 19