Tuesday, September 02, 2014

New Project

I extended the NYRoute28.com through the Catskills from Kingston and Woodstock to Margaretville. See Catskill Mountain section of NYRoute28.com

Monday, September 01, 2014

Spark Plugs

I do most of my own auto repair and maintenance with an eye for economy, thrift and most important, gas mileage. So if you change your plugs, use Bosch ® Platinum 4's. The 4 is for the 4 electrodes on each plug. They are simply the best plugs and not too expensive. You will soon recoup the extra 5 dollars in gas saving and performance.
Remember when you change plugs to follow these simple steps:
  1. Twist the plug's boot around a bit on the old plug to loosen it, then gently pop the boot off the plug's top
  2. Remove the old plug with the appropriate socket, usually 5/8"
  3. Start the new plug by hand just by twisting the socket extension so the threads catch easily
  4. Put a little Vaseline or similar in the plug boot to keep out water, make it click in better and prevent them from sticking to the plug the next time you do this
  5. Make Sure the contact on the boot clicks into the top of the plug, Twist it around a few degrees each way to make sure
  6. If hte wires look old or the boots are shot, get new wires too

Still Blogging

Haven't touched this blog in a long time. Which is sad. I blame Facebook, like my https://www.facebook.com/AdirondackNorthway for my AdirondackNorthway.com site. I also do blogs for SEO purposes to boost up various customer's sites I do. But I have been blogging for 12+ years and don't plan on quiting