Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gas Prices Dip

the other day I was filling up at Exit 8, the sign said $3.199 but the pump said $3.159. So I figured they were planning to raise it so I got on it. When I got back to my car after paying, it was set @ $3.099. If I had waited 5 minutes I would have saved 6 cents/gal. Now, it's at $2.999 around here and falling some more, thank God! Been working on some local accounts and websites, as well as some old fallback jobs like tutoring and subbing. Even at $2.999/gal, it cuts heavily into my margin.
Last trip I concentrated on the High Peaks again, got free rent for some web page help, sort of like the journeymen of yore. Keep on trying, especially trying to hype my, without too much initial success, but I'll keep it going too regardless. Checked out some 5 star places in Placid, did I feel out of place. But I got the marketing guy's # and called him on a business day. You'd think someone whose main job is checking out promotion and advertising would take the time to even check my site out, nope! Guess I wasn't a member of the right yacht or polo club for his taste. Quit Whining and get back to work, illegitame non carborundum!