Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taking It Slow

Letting my ankle heal up a bit from twisting it last Sunday, then I get some flu for a day, really wiped out. Between slow season and high gas prices, I haven't been doing too much driving, mainly staying local. But I am gearing up for better things. Got behind this lumber truck at Exit 24 - Exit 1 I-87 Thruway to Northway toll barrier in merry Albany.

Read the writing on his bumper:
Please Do Not Hit

Please Do Not Hit

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Terrible Fishing Accident

After ambling over the Boston & Maine rr tracks to the Hoosick River, right near Vermont, I tripped over some roots approaching the river bank, in front of two xtreme kayak dudes practicing on the small rapids there.
extreme kayak dudeReally sprained it, too bad I wasn't wearing my 'Nam boots. Soaking it now in Epsom salts according to Eileen's explicit directions. Checked out Bennington too, gas is 25 cents cheaper there, less tax, hhhmmmmm! The water in the upper Walloomsac River was nice and clear, but so low. It is way too dry for this time of year, we need rain.

Vermont Water