Saturday, March 18, 2006

Speculator Again!

It's cold and snowing now! Winter is still here and it's < 20F. The snow pack is still there iin some places pretty good on the trails!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 is born and the too! is up now and it redirects to the site on it's own special town index page, the same page as the Southern Adirondack Trail redirects to. Went up today and started in Speculator, at the northern end of the Southern Adirondack Trail. Came into a snow squall all the way from Speculator south-west to Little Falls. Mainly just some patrolling and casual selling. While talking on my cell and watching trains in Little Falls, I managed to knock my stupid glasspack muffler and wound about 16 feet of old copper railroad telegraph wire around my left rear drive axle. Went to a convenience store in the middle of town and the nice shopkeeper lent me a pair of linesman's pliers, which cut it apart finally, saving my axle's boots. Since then, I've secured the muffler.

The Speculator Way

Went up to Speculator today to drop off Windows 98 O.S. to my friend Bob. I stopped in at the local market to get a cafe refill. This is the market I usually buy my food and cafe in Speculator while staying at Bob's. So the incompetent jerk who runs the place tore down my little URL poster in less than a week. I don't care that he doesn't want to advertise with me, I have no hard feelings towards him as I give him my business. But his staff are incompetents who get all the orders wrong and charge a different price every time I get a refill. Finally, his newest wench tried to charge me a $1.50 for a refill, I told her no way, I paid $1.25 for the same a week ago and the price of coffee didn't go up that quickly. She caved and I treated her like a total vegetable. Screw them, there's competition for food in Speculator. He and his merchant family can take their cheesy, drag and drop grade school websites and shove it. I was never competing with his broods' work, no one, I mean no one, covers the 'Daks like me! I go from the Canadian border to the Thruway and as far west as Boonville and on to Verona. I'll go on any road in any weather, I love winter. I write my code from scratch using a special web editor. I started writing code on punch cards and teletypes.

Another reason to support Bob's Dissolve the Village of Speculator plan. Too many people in the 'Daks and this state in general wait around for some government job to take care of their lazy butts. Check out Albany, a $113 billion dollar state budget. All the social welfare agencies look on upstate as a good place to dump their rejects for cheap, compared to NYC, flops, destroying hte fabric of many old, small poorer communities. Also, the state likes to help the 'Daks by building prisons and dumping their NY City waste on us for some good paying prison jobs. I say keep the trash downstream. Build high rise prisons in the City or put them in hulk ships moored to the old piers in Manhattan and Brooklyn so their peeps can take the subway to visit them. Everyone would be happier!