Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hello Again

Up in the 'Daks, away from the rabble of the Capital District. A couple of cretins have been lurking at this blog, looking for some useless trivia to throw at other people as if it was scandal. The weather is great today, for once we have a warm and dry day. It is turning into a tropical rainforest with all the extra water up here, but out west it is dry. Printed up some new promo for my sites, something I haven't done for quite a while.

I've been using PHP, basically HTML with brains, on my sites for a while. You can use include files in PHP, or you can insert a smaller file into a larger PHP one. That is how I do all my headers and footers so they are all the same. They are just one file for all pages, as well as my ads, each customer has his own little included PHP file. But the files are all on the same server. I finally realized you can access includes on other, or remote, servers. So I am now changing over my Hunting page, so the meat of the page is a file on This means I only have to edit one hunting file and all three sites will use it. Which is good since the page is way out of shape.

In general, you can use PHP just like an HTML file. Go to and you can easily learn how to use this open source, powerful language without paying more royalties to Bill Gates as if you used ASP instead. It is part of Apache server package and that is a free download for a server. ASP is the MS equivalent of PHP, but that ain't free; though the IIS, the personal web-server program included in Win XP, does understand ASP. You can do on-line databases easily with PHP like I am doing on this new on-line store.