Thursday, February 09, 2006

Winter is Back

Burrr, it's below 0F in Speculator right now, the western 'Daks got over 2'. Someone must had found a virgin to sacrifice to the snow gods. Wiring up the Cedarhurst Motel, well at least I have my room wired with high speed. So now I have three places up here where I have a room with HBO and high speed.

Wrapped up the job Saturday. At the local diner in Spec, the Sunrise, I saw a flyer from a guy who does CAD design for buildings and septic. So on my way back to Albany, I picked up another website job.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goodbye to West Hartford, CT

My father is selling the old family house and moving down to Potomac, MD. Lot of memories, I didn't live too long in West Hartford but I was born and lived till 13 in the City of Hartford. Took lots of junk: he's 78 and has more junk than he could handle. CT is a really messed up state road-wise. These safety wusses love to put stop signs everywhere: on curves, rr crossings that see 1 train/month, at almost every inersection. It is so bad that they have to put signs telling people when it isn't an all-way stop so they will actually stop, instead of blowing through all those pestilential pussy stop signs. On their interstates and limited access highways, they have lots of left exits and entrances. On I-91 between Hartford and Windsor, they have a carpool lane, which takes up two regular lanes and has no passing or exits until the Hartford City line, which they don't tell you when you get on that utter waste of good road space and money: they even built ramps and overpasses for the HOV lanes, that almost no one uses. Typical brain-dead CT thinking! CT has yearly emissions testing; but if you buy your car new, you never have to have a safety inspection on it. A used car will get inspected once by the state when you first register it though. So there are tons of really badly maintained vehicles on the road, even nice ones. Every third car has at least one brake light out. They have these fancy emission testing centers, you'd think they would throw a safety check too while they are there every year.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spent 2 days in Boonville

Thursday, Friday and tried to drum some business up. Thanks to the weather, business is shit, anyone know a virgin we can sacrifice to the snow gods? Lowville, north of B'ville, is the center of the snow belt and has no snow, it's like spring. Boonville is totally retrogade; most of them are getting used to dial yourself rotary desk phones, they just gave up their hand cranked ones. But prices are cheap their, there is an A-Plus mini mart with the cheapest gas and high test coffee for $.64 a mug; compare that to rip-off McDonald's who want $1.84 to fill up the same cup. Starbuck's cofee is cheaper than both CrapDonalds and Punkin Donuts. Took NY 28 to NY 30 back home, sold a CAT 5 wiring job to my friend in Speculator at a deep, horrible winter, discount. The Eagle runs great with clean plugs and my gas mileage went up, so I spend less on the juice. Bosch 2 and 4 electrode plugs are prone to foul, so I bring cleaning stuff, xtra plugs and sockets all the time now.