Wednesday, January 08, 2003

To all three readers, I'm sorry

I know there's woodchuck with a Blueberry® out there logged on! I couldn't blog up in the 'Daks, because internet access is limited in the Northern 'Daks. They don't even have an internet cafes like in Killington, Vermont, not even upscale Lake Placid. I bought a Compaq laptop in Massena and it improved business 100%. IE 6 and Edit Plus pop up on start up so all I do is turn it on and let it boot and I can show them what's happening off my hard drive copy. But I had to sneak around the lobbies of Placid's better hotels looking for an open RJ-11 jack to exploit the free 3 months AOL deal to upload my most current files. I ruled this time. I spent a night in a Bavarian chalet inn and was fed an authentic German meal just for helping the inn frau with her website's keywords and showing her a few IE 6 and Edit Plus tricks. It was the best night's room & board that I ever got! Then she bough an ad to boot! I rule! Don't brag and get egotistical Jeremy!

Left New Year's Eve and almost got it on the Adirondack Northway north of Exit 29 on black ice. Some Jersey kid was in the median's ditch in his rear wheel drive Aerostar van with bald tires. He said to give him a pull with a strap, I said you need a ten ton winch. What does some dumb Jersey college kid know about cars and winter? Such ignorance, thanx to our mediocre education system. He was going to pay a surprise visit on his girl in Montreal. I feel sorry for the Jersey people, maybe there's something in the water. "I Love NY" maybe corny, but NY has 10000x to offer than Sopranoland. Brooks Shields say "NJ & You", down with both! It was so slippery when I got out to heIp the dweeb that I fell flat on my ass in the middle of the Northway at 2:00 AM! I waited for the trooper and the salt truck to come by and I followed the salter off the Northway. US 9 and NY 73 were like a pretzel by the time I got there!